Best Inverters in Nigeria 2020

Whether you live in the U.S., Canada, Italy or Nigeria, energy in today’s world is everything. It controls nearly every aspect of our everyday routine. Our entire future depends on how we harness, utilize, and store that energy. So, why don’t we take advantage of the technology of the 21st century? Make your life easier with one of the best inverters in Nigeria.

In almost every PV system, the inverter is the central component that binds the whole system together. Its main function is to convert DC current into AC current. These devices come in all shapes and sizes and are classified mainly on the power rating or the throughput. Today, we are going to list the best inverters in Nigeria for you to buy.

The Best Inverters in Nigeria 2020:

#5: Power Bright APS600

This affordable and compact unit is a great device to have in case something goes wrong. The power inverter can hit a thousand watts and offers 600 watts at a continuous rate. With this much power, it is a perfect choice for those who need to be away from a conventional source of energy. It comes with an anodized aluminum case for heavy-duty protection, no matter what kind of condition you out it through.

#4: KRIEGER 1500-Watt 24V

It comes with two AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports that can convert power for your household electric appliances. KRIEGER converts 12-volt DC power to handheld tools, televisions, gaming consoles, home electronics, and small appliances in your vehicle. This polar power inverter features an LCD which shows you the output wattage and battery level.

#3: BESTEK 400W

This device is ideal for those who frequently travel by vehicle. This is an extremely portable and versatile charger. It is not overly large at 6 inches long and comes with battery clips that have a 22-inch cord and a 12-volt outlet plug. BESTEK has 4 USB ports (three of them are 2.4 amps and one is 1 amp.) Is not it the best choice for you?

#2: POTEL 500W

This device comes with dual 110-volt AC outlets and two USB ports. It has a cooling fan to keep the unit from overheating. The digital display identifies the current status of the inverter while reading the number a red LED light is displayed. You just need to connect a device to a battery and enjoy a wide range of AC.

#1: BESTEK 300W

One of the best inverters on the market of Nigeria is BESTEK 300W. It features two AC outlets and two USB ports for multi-purpose charging. This device is ultra-compact and lightweight. The durable metal housing of BESTEK 300W provides advanced protection from drops and bumps.

The Best Solar Inverters

Solar panels get all the glory, but it is the inverters that do all the work in the solar energy system. Central string inverters that came with solar systems of the past used to manage the conversion of DC to AC voltage that you can use for your house. That meant if one panel went down because of shading or mechanical issue, the entire solar panel system would not work efficiently. Then, microinverters were developed out of California by a company called Enphase. Now, they are on the market of Nigeria.

The best thing about this device is that it is double insulated and small enough to be placed at each individual panel. These inverters are UL Listed relating to voltage and frequency, synchronization, disturbances, faults, and reconnect time. So, it is the best choice for those who are looking for alternative ways of charging.

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