How to Choose a Betting Site in Nigeria?

Best Betting Site in Nigeria 2020

Although online betting has become much more popular in recent years, it still causes fear among those who have never used such Internet pages.

However, if you choose the right platform for betting, you should not worry about fraud and loss of money. In this article, we tell you what characteristics a site you can trust should have, as well as give you a list with every best betting site in Nigeria.

What a Good Online Betting Site Should Have?

Remember how people used to place bets? Yes, at the game location, for example, at the stadium, there were special box offices. Since most people now watch sports online, this method of betting has lost its relevance.

If you are looking for a good betting site, here’s what you should consider.

Official Acknowledgment

To open the betting site, you need to have a special permit and license in the country where the betting site is registered. That is, you can use pages registered outside of Nigeria, but the documents that the registration of the betting site is legal must still exist.

This can be seen on the website, at the bottom of the page, where the registration address, information about the responsible person, and the number of the registration document must be indicated.


Look at the feedback section very carefully. If you think the reviews were written by one person, avoid this site. It is best to read reviews not on the betting site itself, but on specialized forums, where people share their experiences, and owners of betting platforms cannot edit comments.

Also, check if there is a customer support service. If the betting site has nowhere to address in case of a problem, this is a sign that this webpage cannot be trusted.

Secure Payments

Each trustworthy betting site should have several ways to deposit (for making bets) and withdraw your profits (after winning). In addition, the more currencies you can use, the better.

If you do not know the method of payment, check it on the Internet: make sure that this is not a special payment gateway created for fraud on this site.

Opportunity to Go Live

A reliable betting site has to allow you to make live bets while a game is on. If you can only gamble on future games that are not ongoing at the moment, it is better to avoid such a website.

Many Options

A good platform has to provide gamblers with many options to make a bet. If there are just a couple of sports events available, it is a sign of hustling.

It is advisable to find events with different organizing teams that don’t have any direct contacts. For example, if the website presents the games from Nigeria and Belgium, you can register and bet.

Equal Conditions

If you see that a website doesn’t allow you to place some bets because you are new there, it is better to avoid it. It means that any web portal for betting can’t obstruct you from placing bets on some games.

Sometimes this can be explained by a loyalty program so that you can use all features only after making a specific amount of bets. However, this is not a loyalty program because it cannot become a barrier for others.

If there is a saving accumulative policy in place, it is good. This may be a good example of a loyalty program: getting a higher percentage with every bet.

Which Betting Site Is the Best in Nigeria?

So, now you can recognize a reliable site and the site that is best avoided. Here is the list of best betting sites in Nigeria we promised above.

List of Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

1.     Bet9ja


Bet9ja can rightly be called the best football betting site in Nigeria because it has been operating for over 7 years and has a great reputation. It meets all the conditions we mentioned above.

2.     NairaBet Site


This website is one of the oldest, and it has the most elaborated loyalty policy. It also provides numerous payment methods.

3.     MerryBet


On MerryBet, you get access to the biggest amount of opportunities for placing a bet, so you have freedom of choice.

4.     BetKing Site


This one has the most convenient mobile format of the page, so it is great for using on your phone.

5.     SportyBet


According to this betting site statistics, the number of gamblers has passed 350,000 people. This is more than convincing that SportyBet is safe.

Other Examples

These were the five most popular betting sites. However, there are more ones that are worth to be mentioned.

6.     BetWay


7.     1xbet


8.     22 Bet


9.     MelBet


10.                       888 Sport


Now, you can place bets without fear that the site is a scheme for fraud. If you find a site that wasn’t mentioned here, just check it with the help of our checklist.

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