Best Valentine Messages in 2020

Best Valentine Messages in 2020

The St. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you love and admire them. This holiday is celebrated on February 14, which is one and a half months after the New Year. The New Year’s mood passes, and the mood of love occupies all our thoughts and hearts.

In this article, we want to tell you about the best Valentine messages you can use in Nigeria and abroad. We will also present you with several options for decorating a Valentine’s Day card. So, read on!

Valentine Messages for Family

The first point of our guide is a Valentine card for a family member. On this holiday, you can tell that you care about them. It is possible to use some traditional ideas. For example, if you live in Nigeria, you need to have a date for Valentine’s night, so you can invite your family member to a celebration.

The Structure of a Family Valentine Card

  1. Start your Valentine card with a greeting in a form of “Dear ____.” You can replace “dear” with other words, such as “darling, sweet, precious, lovely”, etc.
  2. Write a short phrase, which expresses what particularly you love in the person. For example, you can come up with “I send my love to you and your cakes” for your brother if he bakes cakes. Here are some other examples: “Your love keeps my head up” for parents, “Let my love support you, like your support helps me every day” for grandparents, etc.
  3. Finish your Valentine card with a small ending phrase, like “Yours, ____”. Here it would be great to use some nicknames you may have in a family, for instance, “Your sweet candy, ___”, if your grandparents call you that way. In Nigeria, for example, this part is often omitted: people there just write their names.

Valentine Messages for Best Friend

The second point will be about friends who are the real treasure in everyone’s life. Valentine cards for friends should be fun and can include elements of humor. Here, it will be appropriate to use jokes that are clear only to you, or to remember funny situations that happened to you. In Nigeria, people value their friends very much, that’s why Valentine cards for friends are very popular.

The Structure of a Friend Valentine Card

  1. The starting point for this kind of Valentine card is the same as for a family one: introduction word and the name or nickname of your friend.
  2. Valentine cards for friends are usually short, so don’t write a long greeting text: two sentences will be enough. Be sure to make this part funny. For example, if you and your friend had a trip on which he or she fell in one-way-love with someone, you can wish: “Choose your sweetheart more carefully than during our trip to ___”.

In Nigeria, it is popular to use cultural references, for example wishing your friend to shine like houses on Valentine’s Day (it is common to decorate houses for this holiday in Nigeria).

  • The ending phrase should better be fun. Don’t write “yours, with love”, don’t be boring. Try out these phrases: “Your crying pillow, you bear to hug, your backpack to travel.” Be creative!

Valentine Messages for Lovers

We have come to the main point of Valentine’s Day – cards for your lover! We won’t give a structure for a card here, because it is a place for your creativity. You may write just one word or come up with a long poem, it’s up to you! We will give you some creative examples with the help of which you can personalize your Valentine card for your sweetheart.

Best Valentine Messages for Her

  1. You are not a half, you are a whole, but together we are unity.
  2. I will never let you cry on your friend’s shoulder because of me.
  3. You already have my real heart, here is another one.
  4. Remember “Pride and Prejudice?” I will make you even happier.
  5. We are a living proof that real love is just here.
  6. If I had to scream to the whole world, I would say it to you because you are my world.
  7. We are not end game. We are a game without the end.
  8. Seems like our souls have switched bodies. What other explanation can there be for my love to you?
  9. I don’t love to the moon and back. I love you across the Universe because it is endless.
  10. You are my oxygen. Without you, I will not survive.

Best Valentine Messages for Him

  1. The world may say that you have to be a strong man, but I need you as you are, with all your weaknesses.
  2. Let me support you like 3 whales that support the Earth.
  3. You are my ocean, and I am a small island. All I need is you around me.
  4. My feelings for you are higher than passion. They are more than love can express.
  5. By your side is where I belong.
  6. I don’t want to be queen. I want to be yours.
  7. You own my heart and my soul, and I don’t want it back.
  8. I could live through war and misery if I keep your hand.
  9. Your eyes are the prison I want to stay in for my whole life.
  10. You keep me in your cage, but I am free at the same time because you are my world, and I don’t need to escape from here.

These are just short ideas for Valentine cards, but it would be better if you personalize your card. Remember that if your message can be understood only by your loved one, he or she will see that you care. Personalized cards show that you took some time to prepare this greeting. Moreover, if you want to surprise your family, friend, or lover on the St. Valentine’s day, a card with a message won’t be enough. Prepare a cake or buy a big teddy bear – these are the symbols of the St. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Messages for Homeland

Let us give you just a quick overview of one more type of valentine cards. These are the words of love to your country. For example, in Nigeria people shout at streets: “We love Nigeria,” “Nigeria, you are my sweetheart,” and other similar phrases. Why don’t you use this example from Nigeria and organize an event in your country, where everyone will express their love to the homeland? It may be no need to shout, like people in Nigeria; you can create a competition for the best card.

Make sure you create your surprise with the best intentions and with a pure heart because these are the keys to the best Valentine message!

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