Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Nigeria 2020

Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Nigeria 2020

Most of you will agree that degrees from the top universities matter a lot in the long run. Some might even claim that a degree is as good as the college from which it is earned. So, after an entrance exam, it is the most crucial decision as to what university you should enter. Here is a two-word hint: computer science (CS).

Since the world’s population increases, the technological revolution expands, and environmental issues multiply, IT becomes one of the branches that enjoys the growing area of application. When you major in CS, you come out making a lot of money. This degree, as well as computer engineering, are two out of the three top-paying majors in universities. Moreover, computer scientists are second in terms of job satisfaction in Nigeria.

However, before diving into the best university for computer science in Nigeria, let’s ask one of the most important questions: “Is it worth it?”

Get or Not to Get: Computer Science Diploma

Education is increasingly important in today’s world. Since our childhood, we have heard from our nearest and dearest ones about the importance of high education for a happy life and a successful career as its essential constituent. It unleashes our potential and provides individuals with the skills needed to face the challenges of society and the labor market. It brings better jobs, higher salaries, and social benefits.

Among the continent, 63% of young people between 15 and 19 years old are enrolled in education, but a large proportion will stop before completing university. In fact, only 31% of 25 to 34-year-olds have tertiary education. Even though schooling gets very expensive, data tells us that investing in education is a great choice and the best opportunity for college students. The majority still think that if they have a prestigious diploma at Harvard University, their life will be a bed of roses. Does a degree in computer science guarantee easy circumstances?

Believe it or not, but a computer science major does open doors. It provides you with a wider array of possibilities in terms of job opportunities. On average, 86% of people who have a diploma in this field are employed. And it increases to 89% for those with a Master’s degree, and 91% for people with a Doctoral degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession will always be in high demand since the society will always be expanding. Excellent pay potential is another advantage of a CS career. For example, in the U.S., people who work in IT earn a median salary of $82, 019 which is above the average level.

This is really no surprise since we are witnessing a time where tech is booming. So, a lot of employers want to hire a computer genius. Even if the job is automated, companies will still need programmers, code writers, and developers to create new applications to keep pace with changing reality and the competition. The expected job growth is around 25%. So, let’s try to find the best universities for computer science in Nigeria to build your way to success!

Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Nigeria

There are several factors that matter if a college wants to be on the ‘A’ list. The faculty, infrastructure, the availability of the latest technology and the peer group of classmates and college-goers matter. Based on these factors, here are the top CS departments in Nigeria.

American University of Nigeria

Year of foundation: 2004
Address: 98 Lamido Zubairu Way, Wuro Hausa 640101, Yola, Nigeria
Number of Students: 2,000
The Cost of Education: N1,500,000

The American University of Nigeria is a private, non-profit higher educational institution in Nigeria that offers one of the best programs in computer science. The emphasis is getting behind current technology to teach you things that are going to last you throughout your career. The great thing in the course is the variety that it provides, you range from programming, information technology to hardware, robotics course, computerized accounting systems, and logic.

To enter this university, you should provide committee with information about academic performance in high school and passed examinations.

Babcock University (BU)

Year of foundation: 1959
Address: Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria
Number of Students: 20,000
The Cost of Education: N190,000 – N550,000

Firstly, we should mention that Babcock University is one of the most selective institutions in Nigeria and on the continent, since it accepts only one of the five applicants. The thing that sets BU apart from most of the universities is that it focuses a lot on theoretical aspects. The part of its computer science course is using math to understand what happens in computer systems from all points of view.

If you are a student at Babcock University, you are at the forefront of research opportunities in artificial intelligence, computation linguistics, data processing, and much more.

Covenant University

Year of foundation: 2002
Address: KM 10 Idiroko Rd, Ota, Nigeria
Number of Students: 9000
The Cost of Education: N700.000– N1.500.000

Covenant University is located on the 2nd line of the national classification of Nigeria. Access to the university is possible with the help of the submitted successful exam results. In this academic establishment, the approach to study CS is simple: your knowledge is worth nothing if you are not going to practice it in your career. So, practicing and training are the key elements of teaching at this university. Project-based learning forces a student to code more, do way more self-discovery and exploration, and produce a real product.

A good computer scientist should be able to implement pretty much anything efficiently, given a clear instruction of what the program should accomplish. That is what they will teach you at Covenant University.

Obafemi Awolowo University

Year of foundation: 1961
Address: 220005, Ife, Nigeria
Number of Students: 35,000
Main Faculties: Agricultural Economics, Computer Science, Linguistics and African Languages, Biochemistry
The Cost of Education: N100,000

The academic staff of the university includes over 4.000 teachers. Obafemi Awolowo University does not just focus on giving its students the practical skills for Computer Science or Data management. They are also really big on connecting their students with entrepreneur opportunities and mentorship. So, computer science students can not only learn about CS but can take their star up ideas from ideation to completion under the mentorship of industry titans.

Obafemi Awolowo University has more than 30 professors in the CS department teaching more than 500 students. Here, it is all about collaboration. This institute has a lot of ties to the engineering and mathematics department. So, computer science students are focused on using their skills and applying them in other sciences.

Crawford University

Year of foundation: 2005
Address: Faith City, Lusada – Igbesa Rd, Igbesa, Nigeria
Number of Students: 12,000
The Cost of Education: N295,000

Crawford University produces graduates who become software developers, computer systems analysts, network system administrators, web developers, etc. They can write computer graphics software for video games or the software that banks use to help with the management of funds. Its students evaluate and optimize an organizations’ computer system and oversee the installation of a new system or calculate the memory and speed requirements to ensure the system is optimized.

After graduating from this university, you realize that computer science is a medium for problem-solving and self-expression and computer commands are like magic words which you say to make computer unleash its powers to fulfill your desires.

The Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)

Year of foundation: 1980
Address: FUTO, Imo State Owerri West, 460114, Nigeria
Number of Students: 22,000
The Cost of Education: N55.000 – N61.000

“Everyone should learn how to code. It teaches you how to think.” Steve Job’s words could easily be a slogan of the Computer Science Department of the Federal University of Technology. HTML, CSS, JavaScript are languages you are going to study as a sophomore. Here, the most important math seems to be linear algebra and discrete mathematics.

To boost your chance of gaining admission into this university through “Direct Entry,” you should have at least five credits in your SSCE Result (WAEC, NECO OR GCE’S) and graduated with nothing less than Upper Credit in NCE/ND/HND certificate.

A Thing to Remember While Choosing Computer Science Major

Math is an integral part of computer science, just because it is the language of science. However, you DO NOT need to be a math expert in order to opt for CS. Based on the bad state of math education in the country, usually, people do not really even know what higher-level math like linear algebra is, so they rule Computer Science out prematurely.

Of course, if you want to create video games in the future, you will probably have to know something about geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, etc. However, the thing is that calculus has no bearing on the introduction to computing. Only arithmetic does.

So, dear students, while choosing college major and university remember that you are the most significant investors. You invest the most valuable resource – your time and energy. And, if you want to make a lasting and positive improvement to society, to live and work internationally with ease and to have a say in what the world will look like, computer science is what you are looking for!

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