Best Spa in Lagos 2020

Check Our List of Best Spas in Lagos 2020

Nigeria has become a popular tourist destination, with Lagos as cultural and economic policy-maker of the country. If you are going to the city, you will definitely visit all the tourist attractions that have a historical storyline and value.

However, Lagos keeps up with the latest trends in the tourism industry. It currently experiences the boom of spa amenities, following the tendency of having a proper rest on vacations. This article gives you a quick review of the best spa in Lagos to visit.

1.  Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa

This wellness centre presents itself as a place to “give you a moment to relax”. And it really is! The cosy interior design creates an intimate atmosphere that makes you relax as soon as you walk in.

Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa offers a wide range of treatments and amenities. These are beauty services like manicures and pedicures; facial service, such as cleansing and hydrations; waxing. Naturally, massage is one of the main services in this centre. This treatment has a reputation of not-rushed procedure performed by a professional therapist.

The visitors are satisfied with Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa, so you will not regret spending a day (or the more, the better) there.

2.  Your Spa&Fintess in Four Points by Sheraton

Our next stop is a hotel called Four Points by Sheraton and its spa services. The hotel is a place for both work and play purposes, and the spa there is designed according to it.

  The interior is minimalist in style with muted colours. The rooms are small, but enough for a couple of people. Services, treatments, and amenities offered include ayurvedic treatments, body scrub and wrap, couple’s massage, kid’s services, footbath, and some others.

The rates of Four Points by Sheraton are high, so you will definitely enjoy your stay and best procedures.

3.  Spa in the Lagos Continental Hotel

The Continental Hotel is a 5-star hotel. It offers perfect locations for both business and leisure stay. It has a wide range of recreational facilities, so it can be considered as a resort hotel as well.

Dim lighting gives you a feeling of drowsiness and relaxation. The rooms are small, but the whole area is huge. As it claims, the therapists in Continental are the best professionals. They will help you release all stress and tension in your mind and muscles.

You may enjoy massages, facial therapies, body scrub and wrap, waxing, and sauna. Moreover, Continental offers signature packages – perfect for a gift to take home with you.

4.  Apples and Oranges Total Body Therapy

This spa offers first-class services in an incredible environment. The procedures will reconnect your mind, body, and spirit. Apples and Oranges also have the Children’s world, which is great for family vacations.

The choice of services in this centre is really immense. Apples and Oranges have hair and nail salon, makeup services, massage, body treatments, and waxing services. You may also visit the men’s world and try a special cuisine. If you are in Lagos for a few days, add Zumba and yoga to your leisure time as well.

The interior varies depending on the hall. In the nail and hair room, we see fashionable graffiti, the body treatment area is styled as a jungle, and the massage rooms have a relaxing vibe.

Apples and Oranges are the trendsetters in their area. They do care about the customers’ satisfaction, who do enjoy their experience here!

5.  Sweet Brook Massage Spa

This spa centre is the best place to visit to feel the tender care of massage therapists. It focuses on massage rather than on all other services, because, as they state on their site, mixing different therapies, such as beauty and massage, makes both ineffective.

The occupational attainment of therapists in Sweet Brook Massage is really high. Every client points out the relaxing effects of massage and physical relief in muscles.

The centre offers home services – the massage therapist may come to your home, which is also great, if you do not feel like going there yourself. However, you should, because the interior is arranged according to all rules for the best massage.

This is your list of the best spa in Lagos. Benefit from it and relax during your vacations, if you are a tourist, or regularly, if you come from the area.

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