8 Best-Selling Products on Jumia 2020

Best-Selling Products on Jumia 2020

If you clicked on this article, you probably know that Jumia is the largest online retailer on the African continent. It allows the clients to buy a wide variety of products online, starting with phones, shoes, groceries, and ending up with flight tickets. Basically, it is African AliExpress in action that has the option of paying for products upon delivery.

So, get a notebook and a pen. To your attention, the best-selling products on Jumia in 2020.

Deal of the day

A Dopp Kit: The Best-Selling Item on Jumia

Actually, it is not surprising that this product is on the list. The Dopp kit makes your life a lot easier. It is essentially something you take when you go on travel or put accessories or toiletries in there. So, if your friends are a little bit messy and can’t keep track of their eyelashes, razors, toothbrush or colognes, hit them a Dopp kit. By the way, according to the statistic of Jumia, it is one of the most common gifts among students of Nigeria.

Laptop Backpack

Having to carry textbooks, binders, and laptop, backpacks can get pretty heavy for a regular worker or high school student. So, having features such as a padded “Airmesh” back or padded straps really help to move around comfortably. But before ordering this best-selling product on Jumia, make sure that the backpack can fit the laptop you use constantly (for instance, HP Notebook 15-bs151nia Intel Core I3 is hard to put into the usual bag).


These are great for anyone who has a lot of reading to do because you can download PDF-files straight into an E-reader. It is a really light item and an excellent alternative to printing out a bunch of pages or carrying tons of documents. No wonder it is one of the best-selling products on Jumia.

Headphones and Chargers

These products on Jumia shared the fourth position in the list of best-selling ones. And there is a reason for that – in Nigeria, as well as in the rest of the world, everyone has the Bermuda Triangle in their pockets, where all headphones, chargers, rubber bands, and pens disappear. Probably, that is why these products are the most demanded and best-selling ones.


In Nigeria, the item for fitness and sleep tracking are back in fashion, hence best-selling. It is a great motivation to start exercising and take care of your health. Such an affordable and best-selling product (under 1800 Naira on Jumia) will help you to solve the problem with sleep deprivation and heartbeat, your physical activity, and even overeating.

Mechanical Engineer Tools

When it comes to the best-selling products on Jumia, we could not help but mention mechanical engineer tools like wrench set, screwdriver, and jacks. These are a must-have. But the problem is that there are so many types of wrenches that you can easily get lost in which one to buy on Jumia. Here is the list of best-selling wrenches: adjustable wrench, stubby wrench, gear wrench, a wrench with a spanner on one end, and a box-end wrench.

All of them perform such functions as tightening and loosening fasteners. There are also a lot of different sizes of such mechanical tools. In the list of best-selling products on Jumia, we also need to mention the small length screwdrivers that are for lighter jobs like small electronics, wall socket electrical outlets, light switches, cover plates, etc. (big ones are for heavy carpentry jobs.)

Wooden Watch

When it comes to accessories, it is all about wearing things that are going to create more of a subtle and unique look and this is really where the best-selling wood watch comes in. It is an eco-friendly, handcrafted product with no paints or chemicals and lightweight, so you barely recognize that is on your wrist. Authentic wood watches never go out of style, especially if it is affordable watches on Jumia.

Charging Portable Devices

A portable battery with a comprehensive array of charging ports is a perfect option both for a confirmed traveler and an experienced home-sitter. It is designed for everybody from indoor leisure to industrial applications and emergency services. Such portable batteries can get power to phone, notebook, a drone battery, lantern, stereo-speakers, and mini-fridges all at the same time without limiting an output on any port.

You can charge an “HP 250 G6 – Intel Celeron” 10 times, a GoPro 88 times, you can jam on the electric guitar for 20 hours straight. With eco flow portable solar panels it can be recharged with absolutely zero carbon emissions in just 12 hours. This item is a must-have for every outdoor warrior. Do you still have a question of why it is on the list of the best-selling products on Jumia?

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