Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2020

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2020

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2020

Africa is often spoken of in the context of the third world, countries that are developing. However, there are several countries on the continent of Africa that stand out with a high level of development. Nigeria is one of them.

This state pays great attention to education. As the official records state, only in 2019, the Government allocated 220 billion nairas for the educational sphere and its advancement.

Secondary Education and Its System

On the whole, this country offers students six years of secondary tuition. It is then separated into junior and senior secondary education, each comprising 3 years. It is free for all Nigerians. Secondary school is also compulsory.  

The junior stage provides each student with English, Home Economics, Maths, and Social Studies courses. The senior stage has 4 compulsory, or core, subjects, such as Economics, Maths, Civil Education, and English; as well as some elective subjects.

Private VS Federal Educational Establishments

It is free to go to a federal school, but not all of them provide the best level of knowledge for those who graduate from them, as in any other place in the world. This situation is getting better because the country increases funding and improves the techniques of teacher preparation. It is important for parents to consider different options to find an establishment with qualified administration and employees.

Private institutions are quite expensive, but often promise you better knowledge. Classes are smaller in these schools. For teachers of private secondary schools, it is compulsory to attend workshops and different events regularly because it is important that they learn all the time and improve their qualifications.

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Let’s move from the general information to specific examples. We have divided our list of best secondary schools in Nigeria into two groups: best federal and private establishments, so you can choose according to your capabilities.

Best Federal Secondary Schools in Nigeria

We have analyzed a lot of data and reviews from Nigerians about various secondary schools, so we can say that the best option for you is to choose a federal institution because the country’s government has set a goal to improve its educational system significantly. Oppositely, private secondary schools are more focused on achievements and not on systematic performance.

1.     King’s College

King’s College was founded back in 1909 and is located in Lagos. Historically, it admitted both boys and girls, but now it is a men-only school. The college carries out the national examinations and its students always show high results. It offers a number of social events like the annual KIGS cup, a cricket tournament, or the annual Ikoyi Run.

2.     Federal Government Girls College

Unlike the previous one, this college is for girls only. It is located in Benin City. The college integrates culture studies into all its courses, aiming at raising ethical and patriotic responsibilities among young girls. Girls College offers a variety of extra-curriculum activities, but it doesn’t really develop its international cooperation.

3.     Government Secondary School

Government Secondary School, located in Owerri, is considered a model school of secondary education. It admits boys only, but the tendency is changing and there are negotiations about admitting girls as well. The school is proud of its former students, such as Cheemah, Akala J, Belleface, TBob, Beenieman, NG, and Fifi Onyenna.

4.     Government College Ikorodu

Its location is stated in the name of the school. Initially, it was a small institution where children who did not pass the entrance exams in other schools were sent.

However, a few decades after its founding in 1974, the college showed a high level of performance. This was due to the small number of children in groups and the high level of qualification of teachers. Now, the school is listed among the best in the country.

5.     Queen’s Secondary School

It is a female school located in Ibadan. The main difference from other female institutions is that it focuses not only on culture and ethics but on the subjects that are considered as male, what is the best for the contemporary women. For example, its students can learn the basics of international democracy. The program in this school is often changed to make the school meet the requirements of education boys are receiving.

Best Private Secondary Schools

1.     Atlantic Hall Secondary School

This institution is located not far from Lagos, in Epe. It is a “co-educational, full-boarding” school, as it is stated on its website. Atlantic Hall welcomes both boys and girls and focuses on leadership, which is integrated into all courses students study. A candidate who passes the Entrance Examination with the highest result may get a scholarship. 

2.     Loyola Jesuit College (LJC)

This secondary school is run by the Society of Jesus in Abuja and is located in Gidan Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, Abuja. It is a boarding institution, which is based on the philosophy of Jesuits. It is part of an international system of Jesuits School, so it permits students to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

3.     Grange Secondary School

Located in Ikeja, Nigeria, this institution has a wide range of cooperation ties with international establishments. It cooperates with British Council, Cambridge International School, COBIS, and other institutions. Grange School accepts both girls and boys and has primary and secondary school programs.

4.     Lekki British Secondary School

This secondary school is in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a part of the British School international system, and this only fact makes some people consider it the best. Here you can find programs for all stages of studying. However, “best” rarely correlates with “cheap,” and this school is one of the most expensive schools in the country. Therefore, make sure you can afford it before enlisting.

5.     Lumen Christi International Secondary School

This secondary school is located in Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria. The institution aims high and has a lot of awards to claim to be the best, such as ‘Nigeria Most Ethically Responsible College’ or ‘2017 Outstanding School of the Year Award.’ It also offers summer schools for those who want to become the best in specific subjects.

These are the best schools in Nigeria. This country indeed offers a great variety of possibilities to get a decent education; you just need to choose the best for you.

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