Best Schools in Nigeria 2020

If you are looking for countries where you can get the best education, Nigeria is certainly one of them! The country is currently putting education in the foreground of its development. Consequently, learning is getting better and better, programs are getting more modern, and methods of teaching are getting more advance.

Best Schools in Nigeria 2020

Nigeria can be proud of numerous academies that provide their students with a high level of knowledge when they graduate. This is true about primary, secondary, high schools, as well as catholic or specialized ones, like, for example, business or economic institutions.

We compiled a list of the best educational establishments, which will be useful for you if you are a student or a parent, and want to find the best institution to study. The list is divided into categories for your convenience.

Best Primary Schools in Nigeria

Primary education is for children who are from 5 to 11 years old. It is compulsory and free in federal schools but paid in private schools.

1. Greensprings Sc. in Lagos

This institution has several campuses around Lagos, which makes it very convenient for parents. In Greensprings, students learn according to the International Primary Curriculum, or IPC. It was elaborated by top experts in compliance with child-centered and teacher-friendly principles.

During distance learning in the midst of the pandemic, Greensprings methodologists presented a plan to make education innovative – students are supposed “to take charge of their learning through Kognity,” as it is stated on the school’s website. It helps students become more aware of their knowledge.

2. Children International Sc. in Lagos

CIS takes its principles from the educational concepts of the United Kingdom because it is its first and most important international partner. In this institution, children are taught to be “transformative global citizens.”

The National Curriculum of England is the basic program for CIS. Its values, such as high quality of knowledge, creative way of teaching, flexible approaches to learning, and accountability of students’ talents, are adapted to the best cultural features of the home country.

Best Catholic Schools in Nigeria

As a rule, these schools are attended by Catholics, but the doors are open for everyone. However, if you want to become a teacher, you will have to be a Catholic and share the values of this religion.

  1. St. Gregory’s College, Lagos

This school aims at equipping its students to be able to continue education in the best universities in the world. Students here can try themselves in international examinations that allow them to apply for different colleges after graduation.

One of the main concepts of the institution is leadership. Since the college is for boys only, and Nigerian culture has it that men are the ones who are supposed to run things, in the school, students develop strong features of character, in the frames of Catholic values.

2. Maryland Comprehensive Secondary Sc., Lagos

MCSS accepts both girls and boys, which makes it stand out among other Catholic schools. The key value of the institution is education; it has to be qualitative, fair, and competitive.

Teachers here complete specific training in compliance with Maryland School programs. They are not allowed to introduce their authorial methods because excellence is believed to be achieved only by one-way learning.

Best Unity Schools in Nigeria

Unity schools are a cultural phenomenon of Nigeria. Their purpose was originally to let children from different regions to study together, to share their experiences and culture. “Unities” are also called federal government colleges.

1. Federal Government Academy, Suleja

This college was created to give gifted children the best opportunity to develop their talents more specifically than in other schools. The focus was on governmental activity and technological development.

Now, the academy accepts all students who pass entering exams and provides curriculums for various disciplines.

2.     Federal Government College, Rubochi

In opposition to other schools, this college does not put academic excellence as the first and foremost goal of its performance. Social, physical, and mental aspects of personal development are regarded as key steps to becoming successful.

All teachers and instructors are trained to be mentors for children, to be role models, and examples to follow.

Best Business Schools in Nigeria

Educational institutions that offer training in business have become a guarantee of a high level of education in the country. Nigeria is not behind the trend and can be proud of effective business colleges.

  1. Lagos Business Sc. (LBS)

LBS is owned by PAUF, Pan-Atlantic University Foundation, a non-profit foundation. It offers programs of different duration: short and academic courses; and of various spheres of business: executive, management, market courses, etc.

Lagos Business School is honored to have international accreditation and acknowledgment. If you want to be employed in an international company, you can be sure that the LBS diploma will open you the doors to many opportunities.

2. West Africa Business Sc., Ghana and Lagos

The attention grabber in WABS is that it provides training without the need to interrupt your work. It aims at a high level of professional development. WABS is one of the leading institutions for business in Sub-Saharan Africa.

West Africa Business School provides the best courses in corporate management, consultancy services, leadership and teamwork, etc. It offers the widest range of programs that can be adapted to your working schedule and needs.

Other Options

These were just some examples, but we also want to give you some names that are worth to be mentioned, because they are the best:

  1. Grange Sc., Lagos
  2. Lekki British International Sc., Lagos
  3. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja
  4. Capital Science, Abuja
  5. Brookstone Secondary Sc., Port Harcourt
  6. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta
  7. Adesoye College, Offa
  8. African Business Sc., Abuja
  9. Sc. of Business and Technology, Delta
  10. Bowell Business Sc., Akure and Lagos

Choosing the best educational establishment is a difficult task. We are sure our list will be helpful for you in this process.

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