Best Polytechnics in Nigeria 2020

Best Polytechnics in Nigeria 2020

Let’s deal with the definition of “polytechnic” first. It is an academic establishment that offers higher education in a wide range of subjects which are technical in nature. In most cases, “polytechnic” is a synonym for “engineering” since this kind of institute provides you with a diploma in civil, computer, automobile engineering, electronics and communication, etc. One more thing to know is that a polytechnic is far more hands-on than a university.

Nowadays, only a few disciplines have inspired new generations as much as engineering does. Cars, bridges, missiles, designing, it even sounds exciting. It is the discipline that helps us to reach the outer edges about our universe while improving our lives on the Earth and leads the next generation to create technological advances that will shape the 21st century and beyond.

So, if you are eager to make a heavy hunk of metal full of flammable liquid hurtling through the air into one of the safest forms of transportation, for example, welcome to Polytechnic. We will help you to start your career right away.

Know More About Your Studying in Polytechnic

Digital technology has improved to the extent that you are able to read this article and scroll up Facebook feed at the same time, using one of the systems of voice assistants. From Google data leaked to 5G becoming a reality, the following years are going to be a breakthrough year as far as technology is concerned. That is why technical education is always a great idea.

If you would like to enroll in Polytechnic, be ready to develop control systems, analyze new materials, or research propulsion methods for jet fighters, work on cars and their fuel efficiency, deal with bullet trains which can go up to 200 miles per hour.

Have you heard of hyperloop? It is a mode of transportation that would propel people in a pod like a vehicle through a tube at a maximum speed of almost 800 miles per hour. Well, this needs a person with a Polytechnic diploma as well just because there is a lot of airflow issues that need to be accounted for.

After graduating, you will be an expert in thermodynamics, robotics, as well as mechanics and aerodynamics. Are you capable of bigger things than just serving coffee at the local bar? Do you keep secretly drawing the layouts of unusual buildings or unmanned aircraft? Then, it is time to seek the ways to get in the profession. And the first step is education.

Polytechnic Education: From High School to Ph.D.

Since specialists in the technical field have an in-depth knowledge of mechanics, the basic requirements for a student who wants to be a Polytechnic diploma holder are quite sophisticated knowledge in math, physics, and chemistry.

There are four types of engineering course you can take:

  • Diploma courses with a duration of 3 years;
  • Bachelor of Technology with a duration of 4 years;
  • Master of Technology (2 years, after the completion of an undergraduate course in engineering);
  • Doctoral degree courses leading to a Ph.D. with a duration of 2 years.

A Bachelor’s program is a period when you broaden your knowledge in three years. For the Master, you focus on one particular topic – civil/ geotechnical/ aerospace engineering, academic development, or basic engineering sciences.

Now, when you know all of the pitfalls, let’s get back to the Best Polytechnic in Nigeria. Here is our list.

The Best Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria

Auchi Polytechnic

Year of foundation: 1963
Address: Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria
Number of Students: 10,000
The Cost of Education: N14,000 – N38,000

Six technology school are at your service at Auchi Polytechnic: School of Business Studies, Art and Industrial Design (SAID), Applied Science & Technology (SAST), Engineering Technology (SENG), Environmental Studies (SENV), and Information & Communication Technology (SICT). The goal of this university is to teach students how to make the living space in our environment work and function as a unit.

Attending the basic courses of Art and Industrial Design, you will learn to calculate and understand the forces, strengths, and stability within a structure, whether it is a bridge, a skyscraper, a landmark or even a spacecraft. As a student of Polytech, you will know where the support of the building has to be for the foundation system to be totally balanced and therefore not moving, how a certain motion (wind, earthquake, etc.) will impact the structure itself and all the forces within it. And that is only what one of the schools offers.

Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH)

Year of foundation: 1947
Address: Pen cinema, Agege, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Number of Students: 16,000
The Cost of Education: N45,500

It is the oldest polytechnic in the country. Here, the cradle of African engineering and economic education was created in 1947. More than a century of its history and glory was created by people who taught and studied here. YABATECH has always been training highly qualified specialists. Today, a new image of the Polytechnic is created. In 2007, it obtained the status of an innovative university.

Today, about 16,000 are enrolled at the university including about 2,000 foreign students. More than 300 tutors including 50 visiting professors from leading universities across the world are working in the Polytechnic. It is the leading technical university that combines the traditions of fundamental science with the best educational and scientific practices. Positive changes gave the university the opportunity to occupy a stable position among the leading scientific and educational centers of Africa.

Federal Polytechnic, Nekede

Year of foundation: 1978
Address: Federal Polytechnic, Owerri, Nigeria
Number of Students: 12,000
The Cost of Education: N25,000 – N32,000

Today, the university combines all the features of research innovation and entrepreneurial type of university. More than 200 industrial enterprises and about 100 high-tech foreign companies are among its partners.

For decades, it has conducted successful international activities. Particular attention has been paid to the internationalization of the university. One of the fundamental principles of the educational process at this institute is the essential participation of students in the research process. While studying at this academic establishment, students become creatively-minded, self-contained researchers and inventors, coordinators and organizers of complex scientific and technical projects.

Lagos State Polytechnic

Year of foundation: 1977
Address: Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
Number of Students: 50,000
The Cost of Education: N25,000 – N27,000

13 educational and scientific institutions are available where students are trained in technical, economic, and humanitarian areas. In the area of scientific research, the Polytechnic has positioned itself as a major multidisciplinary research center. The institute has developed partnerships with the world’s leading universities and research centers, expanding the program of academic mobility.

Combining the potential of foreign industrial partners, the university implements its breakthrough scientific ideas by promoting the results of research, technology, and experience at the international level. This contributes to the improvement of the quality of education and the introduction of new educational technologies.

The Best Private Polytechnic in Nigeria

Covenant Polytechnic

Year of foundation: 2002
Address: 301 Aba-Owerri Rd, Abayi, Aba, Nigeria
Number of Students: 9,000
The Cost of Education: N700.000– N1.500.000

Priority scientific areas of the university are experimental nuclear physics, life science, functional materials, nanotechnology, energy sufficient technology, information and communication as well as advanced manufacturing technology.

In addition, super sectoral scientific areas are actively developing at the university in additive and supercomputing technology and aerospace research.

Allover Central Polytechnic

Year of foundation: 1993
Address: Allover Road, Ota, Nigeria
Number of Students: 9,000
The Cost of Education: N1.000.000

This Polytechnic continues to be an essential source of opportunity for the discovery of fundamental science and the trajectory for education and engineering into the future. Here, students are provided with everything necessary for study and recreation – a fundamental library, reading rooms, sport centers, and comfortable student dormitories. That explains quite high tuition fees.

Dorben Polytechnic

Year of foundation: 1995
Address: Garam, Niger State, Nigeria
Number of Students: 4,000
The Cost of Education: N1.500.000

The research and development complex is something that Dorben Polytechnic can boast of. High-tech laboratories are created here, equipped with world-class facilities. Moreover, the supercomputer center equipped with the most modern computational systems. That is what the majority of students expect from the best private Polytechnic in Nigeria.

Polytechnic Diploma: A Conclusion

In just 150 years, we went from horse riding to the advanced and complex society of today. So far, technological advancements have changed our lives for better in many ways. Just look at how large industrial companies are manufacturing their products, how the medicine is being delivered to improve better healthcare results for patients, look at the citizen’s interactions with government, or at topics like autonomous driving and ride-sharing.

What is more exciting to know is that some high-end futuristic technologies are going to take the world by storm in the coming years. So, if you want to be a part of the technological revolution and dream to make this world a better place, read the list of best Polytechnic in Nigeria and choose a university that will provide you with such an opportunity.

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