Best Nigerian Investment Company that Pays Weekly

Best Nigerian Investment Company that Pays Weekly

Financial investing is the process of getting passive income through a transaction with securities and profit participation rights. The main goal of investments is money income. You can get it by means of transformation of your finance into securities that earn you passive income.

Investment Company that Pays Weekly

In this article, we compare the two best investment companies that pay weekly, and you will be able to choose which one to work with. However, before we move on to the analysis, we need to understand what investments will allow you to make a profit each week.

To begin with, an investment is sometimes called venture or contribution. The difference is that venture is a risky one, while contribution is the one without profit. 

Investing with Weekly Income

Since a security is a financial asset that can be an object of trade, a company that turns its property into assets should establish for how long its assets are going to be in a form of securities.

Depending on the length of this period there are:

  • long-term investments (more than one year; you can get a profit in cash equivalent at the end of the payment period only);
  • short-term investments (less than one year; you can get a profit in cash equivalent at any time).

In order to have income weekly, you need to look for short-term options.

Best Investment Company that Pays Weekly

There are two companies in Nigeria that are considered to be the best for getting weekly income. These are Debt Management Office and PiggyVest. These companies have the best reviews on the forums, as well as offer the best conditions.

Debt Management Office Nigeria

DMO Nigeria was founded in 2000 with the goal to coordinate the debt management of Nigeria. The company has a DMO Bonds department that issues securities of the FGN (Federal Government of Nigeria). They are issued by the DMO “for and on behalf of the Federal Government,” as it is stated on the website.

When you invest in FGN bonds, you become the investor of the country. It gives you some advantages that you can’t get in any other company.

Firstly, you do not have any expenses on tax coverage because your income is tax-free. Secondly, FGN bonds are very safe to invest in because there is no risk of default.

Special Features

Debt Management Office offers you to buy stocks on the Nigerian Debt Market or on the International Capital Market. Nigeria entered International Capital Market in 2011 through its debut issuance of $500 million 6.75% Nigeria’s Eurobonds. The Nigerian Debt Market was elaborated to pay the external loan of the country.

The first one, the internal market, is more solid than the second one, the external. However, International Market may give you a higher income.

PiggyVest Nigeria

This is an international investment company with almost 5 years of operations. It was established in 2016 as the best saving platform; it was possible only to save your money at the beginning. Now, it also offers you to make investments and promises over “10% interest in savings and 25% return on investment,” as we can read on the website. 

The department for ventures is called Investify. It allows you to venture in pre-vetted and low-medium securities. The liability of all offers is promised by the best security service on PiggyVest.

Important to Know

As opposed to the DMO Nigeria, in PiggyVest you can choose the securities you want to invest in, and not only in national bonds. This makes the investment riskier, but more beneficial. The opportunities for the venture are provided by PiggyVest. You can find them in your personal account after you start saving money on the website.

Note that in order to be able to get your money weekly, you need to allow payments in your personal account for savings. It works like bank deposits, so if you decide to save your money for a year, you will not be able to receive income during this year.

Which of Them Is the Best Investment Company that Pays Weekly?

Here is a table of the main features of each company (disclaimer: it will be useful to those who are first-timers in investments because the data presented in the table is obvious for professional traders).

  Debt Management Office PiggyVest
Communications opportunities Online and offline options Online only
Risk Risk-free Low-risk
Taxes Tax-free Depends on whether you list your incomes in Fiscal Service (not listing is illegal though)
Help of trader Additional service that requires payment Free help from the Investment Team
Data security The government has access to your data but ensures its safety The website provides the best level of data security
Diversification Diversified and non-diversified Diversified and non-diversified (non-venture only)
Redemption of securities Anytime within working hours (look on the website) Anytime (website operates 24/7)
Determining the net assets value Anytime within working hours (look on the website) Anytime (website operates 24/7)

Now, you have all the information you need to choose the best investment company that pays weekly. Be sure to consult with a professional trader before investing!

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