Best Mattresses in Nigeria 2020

Best Mattresses in Nigeria 2020

A mattress is a must-have item for any house. Keeping in mind the fact than an average human spends nearly 30-35% of their lifetime to rest or sleep, a good foam to lay on it is a must for everyone. Actually, the will to know which bed is the most comfortable is caused by the need to have good sleep after a tough studying or working time during the day.

Most likely, there is no person able to doubt the overall importance of mattresses. In addition to providing you with good sleep time, doctors say the best mattress product in Nigeria can improve your life experience significantly.

Despite the fact that your perfect sleep depends on the temperature and air conditioning of your room, on your levels of stress and overall health, a well-picked bed is able to give a noticeable boost to your comfort.

With its population, the country naturally is among the largest markets. The demand for beds in this country is really high. Numerous manufacturers, resellers and vendors found this market attractive. So, nowadays it can be challenging to determine the top quality product due to the variety of propositions.

Beds are of different shapes, sizes, heights, and materials. Before we find the best quality mattress in Nigeria, let’s determine key points to consider when it comes to choosing the best suitable one.

Best Mattress Product in Nigeria: How to Choose It?

First things first, it is crucial to stay delicate all the distance long when choosing a mattress. Your sleep determines your job productivity, health, and general feeling. It is even more important to choose a bed for kids thoroughly, as it may affect their physical and even psychological and mental health.

As we mentioned above already, the variety of choices on the market makes it very difficult to decide which mattress is best in Nigeria. They can be of various types in terms of softness, height, square sizes, width, orthopedic features, etc. The most critical here is to pick exactly the thing able to satisfy your needs which always are pretty individual. So, here we come to the main question: how to find the product suiting your needs?

Here are some of the most important, basic features to pay attention to before you decide to buy a mattress.


This and most other factors can be determined with an answer to another simple question: who will be the sleeper? Various types are obviously and purposely made of different materials.

The most widespread materials are:

  • Memory foam. This is the specially designed type of Latex or polyurethane foam “remembering” your body parameters and sleep habits to provide maximum comfort.
  • Innerspring. This type is the most common one. Such mattresses have metal springs inside to make them elastic and comfortable to lay on.

Memory foam beds are usually softer than those with inner springs. That feature may not suit everyone, even despite foamed mattresses are considered to be more ergonomic and comfortable in use. Here, it’s all up to you and your tastes.


Can anyone tell what is the most comfortable thickness for the bed? Well, there is no universal solution. Perfect thickness of this item will vary on some additional factors depending on the user. Those are:

  • Whether or not you have troubles with your back or neck;
  • Your height;
  • Your weight;
  • Your age … and many more.

For example, if a mattress is especially thick, it may be a problem for someone aging to get in the bed or out of it. The same thickness may be the reason adding more height to the bed and reducing the comfort. In addition to all this, you shouldn’t forget that thick beds tend to lose their firmness and elasticity when used frequently.

Considering this parameter before buying is obviously a must. It is good to check the labels on the supplied item. Those saying “plush,” “ultra-plush,” “firm,” “extra firm” are firmness or softness indicators.


Actually, brands do matter here. Some trusted names are present on the country’s market, and it is always better to stick to them. Those brands made it through years and competition to confirm their reputation and reliability for customers. Yes, there may be “no-name” brands delivering true quality as well, but when it comes to comfort and even health, you’ll want to keep up with someone well-known.

There are brands famous for their soft mattresses and those producing “not-too-soft” ones. So, first, you find out what exactly you need, and then follow up with a particular brand associated with that kind of a bed.

The Budget

The best mattress in Nigeria for you won’t be cheap, as the great thing is always of top quality. It is better to avoid impulsive purchasing here. Devote some time to find out everything you can and need to know on the topic instead of just buying the most expensive thing you can afford. The pricy item is not always the most suitable decision for you, so try not to rush.

Best Quality Mattress in Nigeria: Brands

Here are the most common and authority brands producing mattresses and available in Nigeria. Checking the list might be helpful in case you are choosing your new bed now.

Vita Foam

The top brand potentially producing the best foam mattress in Nigeria. There exists a high demand for Vita Foam items in the country. As for 2020, prices range from N28 000 to N75 000 and higher.

Mouka Foam

This brand is among the oldest and most respected top quality mattress manufacturers. Mouka Foam provides clients with reliable, comfortable and durable solutions. Price variety is wide: from N37 000 to over N150 000.


A budget alternative, still worth its money for reliability and material quality. Prices may vary from N13 000 to over N60 000.

Best Quality Mattress in Nigeria

Finding your perfect bed is a challenging quest, but nobody can do that for you. This thing is among the most individual ones a person might need. So, everything depends on your choice here.

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