6 Best Law Universities in Nigeria 2020

Whether you like it or not, life is full of measuring sticks. How old we are, how smart we are, how good our grades are. So, to be the best, you have to be able to compete. The same approach applies to education in Nigeria. The data is the greatest weapon in a struggle for a better life. Keep calm: in this article, we are not going to fill your head with tons of statistics, acts, and orders. It will be only relevant information that every student should be familiar with.

Law Degree in Nigeria: Accept or Reject?

Best Law Universities in Nigeria 2020

It is no secret that higher education comes at a premium these days. With the cost of tuition inflating, it has never been more important to choose a lucrative career. Those who choose wisely are rewarded with a generous salary while others are doomed to pay off student loans for decades. So, you may wonder, where do I get the most bang for my buck? Who is still hiring for a degree? What college majors are marketable today and hopefully in the future? Now, let’s think of a law degree as such. Are attorneys in great demand in Nigeria? What about the salary? Is it a popular college major? Is it reasonable to opt for law university in Nigeria?

In general, majors like history, philosophy, and social work are essentially second-rate degrees for the economy of Nigeria. The focus is centered around sciences, computers, and yes, law. Today, we are going to talk about the best law universities in Nigeria, which is a great list to have if you would like to become a lawyer. The reason is simple – the place of your study will have a huge impact on what your law career will look like after you graduate.

So, let us ask you – have you ever thought that your inauguration speech would be much better than Donald Trump’s one? Well, there are two options: either you are interested in political science and law or Donald Trump just had an awful inauguration speech. If you are coming around the first one, we have got great news for you. You are lucky enough to be interested in one of the most promising and high-wage jobs in Nigeria.

Of course, you need to start from the internship as Rachel Zane from “Suits,” but then you can work your way up (watch the movie to learn how to do that). With a law degree in Nigeria, there is a good chance to go from a correspondent to deputy chief pretty quickly. Unfortunately, we can’t predict your future, but we can tell you what the best law universities in Nigeria are and which ones you have to consider as an alternative.

Best Universities to Study Law in Nigeria

Before we begin, here is a quick note about law universities in Nigeria we have reviewed. All of the law schools in Nigeria were ranked based on four criteria: academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper, and the H-index, which is the way to measure article quality.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) – Federal Institution

Year of foundation: 1962
Address: Akoka Rd, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Number of Students: 47,000
The Cost of Education: N53.000– N63.000

The staff and students call it “the University of the First Choice and Pride of the Nation.” For them, UNILAG is not just a school, it is a tradition and a way of life. And here is why.

Like the Oueme River, the UNILAG continues to top off the waters of West African higher education. In 1962, UNILAG started with 46 students in the Faculty of Law and 28 in the Medical School. Now, the institute has an over 40,000 students studying there. The number of faculties has increased from a modest three to twelve. And besides the Bachelor’s degree, it also offers the Master’s and Doctorate diplomas.

UNILAG’s Faculty of Law includes such departments as jurisprudence and international law, commercial and industrial law, public law, private and property law. It has collaborated with the University of Oxford, the UK, to hold the first West Africa regional round of the prize Media Law Moot Court Competition. It is a great opportunity for a lot of students to practically simulate the court experience by debating, arguing, and advocating before a panel of judges around a moot issue in law.

If you want to be one of the lucky students, get ready to work a lot, since this faculty requires a very high score in the UTME examinations. You need to have a JAMB score of at least 250 to be considered being admitted to study law at UNILAG.

Covenant University – Private Institution

Year of foundation: 2002
Address: KM 10 Idiroko Rd, Ota, Nigeria
Number of Students: 9000
The Cost of Education: N700.000– N1.500.000

The plans to build Covenant University in Nigeria first came about in October of 1999. In just three short years, the first batch of 1500 students was ushered on to the ultra-modern campus. Since that time, the institute has grown exponentially into one of the premier schools in the country. It is a growing, dynamic, and vision-birthed university founded on Christian principles and Constitution and committed to pioneering excellence at the cutting edge of learning. Nowadays, they say “Covenant university revolutionizes the educational landscape of Africa.”

This academic establishment raises a new generation of leaders through qualitative leaning and value-based leadership skill development. Over 7500 undergraduate and 1500 postgraduate students currently live on-site in one of 10 available dormitories.

From media arts to biology and law, the students of Covenant University are offered a wide range of subjects and experience hands-on instructions with some of the latest technologies available in Nigeria. This institution has excellent programs for studying environmental and intellectual property law among others. Based on students’ reviews, Covenant University was considered as the best university to study law in Nigeria.

University of Ibadan – Federal Institution

Year of foundation: 1948
Address: Oduduwa Road, Ibadan, Nigeria
Number of Students: 35,000
The Cost of Education: N1,000.00 – N3,000.00

Although the first hundred of students began their courses at Ibadan on the 18th of January 1948, the formal opening took place on the 25th of March. Firstly, the college had three faculties: arts, science, and medicine. Today, 13 faculties are comprising a college of medicine (4 faculties), arts, agriculture and forestry, technology, law, and pharmacy, etc.

Celebrating the graduation of about 240,000 persons yearly, it is the main institution in Nigeria’s labor force. The uniqueness of the institute is attracting more students than it could admit, so the cutoff is really high each year. University of Ibadan continues to shape the future of education in Nigeria with the stuff that includes chair holders, law professors serving as international experts to the United Nations, as well as other internationally acclaimed specialists.

University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) – Federal Institution
Year of foundation: 1975
Address: Fate Tanke Rd, behind Lgea Primary School, Ilorin, Nigeria
Number of Students: 53,000
The Cost of Education: N18,300 – N50,000

Established in 1975, this institute has distinguished itself in the best global practices by the delivery of consistent and stable education. It has a smaller community than most law faculties in Nigeria, but it is still regarded as one of the best law schools.

Here, you have a chance to be involved in extracurricular activities that help you to dig deeper into the understanding of your future career. For example, you can be a research assistant at the Center for Human Rights. Recently, this educational institution has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing universities in Nigeria.


Year of foundation: 1961
Address: 220005, Ife, Nigeria
Number of Students: 35,000
The Cost of Education: N100,000

The Faculty of Law in OAU is one of Nigeria’s largest and strongest faculties with an excellent international reputation. Over the past decades, they have taken great pride in maintaining the highest quality in all programs to ensure that they retain the reputation for academic excellence.

In addition to collaborating with international bodies such as the African Union and European Union, the faculty has inspired greater engagement towards the development of innovative and transformative legal agenda.

University of Benin – Federal Institution

Year of foundation: 1970
Address: Benin City, Nigeria
Number of Students: 40,000
The Cost of Education: N80,000 – N91,000

The entire university has a reputation for being a highly intellectual school. Its faculty of law has produced one of the best notable legal practitioners in Africa like a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, the former governor of Lagos State, and a former Nigerian minister.

The university’s efforts at establishing a rich academic and research culture continue to be validated every day. This institute was recognized both locally and internationally as a center of excellence. Moreover, it aspires to be listed amongst the top 3 universities in Africa by 2022.

University of Jos (UNIJOS) – Federal Institution

Year of foundation: 1991
Address: Ikpa Rd, Uyo, Nigeria
Number of Students: 27,000
The Cost of Education
: N50,000 – N82,000

The curriculum at the University of Jos prepares you for the legal profession as it provides you with essential life and workplace skills. It was created in Nigeria with an intention to stabilize African academic standards so that it can equate to the standards of European universities. The university’s publishing house has issued more than 180 works including articles and textbooks covering a range of topics in the legal field. Recently, the University of Jos has celebrated its recognition by Times Higher Education as one of the top 100 law faculties in the world. It is the verification of the quality of academic work being done by the university.

So, whichever listed institute in Nigeria  you choose, be sure it is known for its emphasis on teaching students that the law is a means to make the world a better place.

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