Best Internet Provider in Nigeria: Help with the Choice

The country joined the network in 1996 when the Nigerian Communications Commission issued licenses to 38 providers. A year earlier, the Nigerian Internet Group appeared, a non-governmental organization that sought to bring the country online as soon as possible. However, in 1996, not a single person was a web user and over the next four years, this statistic has not changed. The jump occurred only in 2000 – 0.3% of the country’s population became the worldwide web users.

One of them was 17-year-old Olakanmi John Aremu. The development of the worldwide web coverage in the country can be evaluated based on his story: “I found out about the Internet in 2000 from my friend Kayode. I rarely could find access and everywhere the connection was very bad and I could not even imagine about fast web connection. It was necessary to look for a web cafe. And so I walked about twenty kilometers to get to the cafe and pay for night access, because it was expensive to use the Internet during the day, I could not afford it. In 2002, another cafe was opened, but seven kilometers from my house, and then there were more and more of them, then mobile phones appeared, and now the Internet is everywhere.”

Modern State of Things

Analyst Victor Okeke explained that most of the villagers were poor and could not afford computers and telephones with network access. In addition, there were many among them who simply could not read or write. The number of web users has increased due to residents of large cities. By 2004, they became 1.5% of the citizens, by 2007 – 7%, and in 2008 – almost 16%. Nowadays more than 195 million people live in Nigeria, and 56.4% of them are worldwide web users. This is more than in the region as a whole: the average for West Africa is 39%. Such a noticeable growth was associated with the development of GSM. Currently, there is satellite Internet access throughout the whole Nigeria.

Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria

Internet Service Providers are the companies, which have the license to provide web connection to people and companies. The license is issued by the Nigerian Telecommunication Commission. Together with web services, such companies usually have some extra opportunities including telephony, data services, television, etc.

In order to confidently say that a company is the best internet provider in Nigeria, you need to check internet providers on any of the following criteria: speed, downtime, customer services, prices, and many more.

Cobranet: The Best Provider

Cobranet was introduced on the market in 2003 and since then it proudly holds the place of the best company to get access to the web with. It has a wide coverage and is popular among both companies and individuals who value a high-quality connection. This provider is also famous for the secure and reliable connection, which is very important at the age of cybercrimes spread. Its prices and options are offered below:


This 4G LTE internet provider operates mainly in Lagos and the nearby area, hence its offices are located here. What is curious, the company names itself the base of the only Netflix service located in West Africa, and this is even specified on its website. Spectranet is one of the earliest internet providers and now, it is among those few, who are happy to offer 4G LTE internet services in the state. You can check the available plans and prices that work for your particular area in the nearest office.

IPNX Limited

The offices of IPNX are called iShops and can be found in Abuja, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, and Kano. It is available for both: commercial and private use. Together with being among the best internet providers in Nigeria, it has some extra options, such as television, telephony, as well as IT services for companies and ordinary citizens. The prices it offers are the following:

Swift Network Limited: The Best Among the First Providers

The official website of the company is, and it is one of the few best 4G LTE internet providers in the country. It has received a license to serve the private and corporate customers in 2002, and since that time it provides a steady web connection for the users. You can check the plans and prices in the nearest office.

Smile: The New Generation of Best Internet Providers

This provider is relatively new on the market of Nigeria, but it gained popularity very fast. It boasts of being the fastest mobile connection company while still offering a super-fast connection for home usage. Smile communications shows quite high growth rates in Nigeria currently, meaning that the management of it is really wise. Like the most popular web providers, Smile works with companies as well as ordinary users providing a superb, reliable and high-speed and affordable connection for all. As for 4G LTE, Smile is among the main providers who offer such services in the country. To find the closest office to learn more about the provider, click here.

Future of Internet Providers in Nigeria

According to forecasts, by 2023 the number of web users in Nigeria will be 187.8 million people. GSMA expects that Nigeria, China, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia will become leaders in the use of mobile Internet – 1.6 billion people from these countries will be connected to the network by mobile devices by 2025. At least 50 million new mobile Internet users will appear in each of these countries. This is due to the fact that the population will become younger (now 60% of the country’s population is younger than 24 years old) and smartphones will become cheaper.

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