Best Hotels in Abuja, Nigeria 2020

The capital of Nigeria has become very popular among tourists in recent years. This is not surprising because Abuja has a long history and an incredible culture. The city has a crescent shape. This was designed and constructed by a Japanese architect Kenzō Tange.

The tourist infrastructure in Abuja is quite developed. There are numerous housing places, spas, and other best recreational centers. Travel agencies offer the best tours to Abuja National Mosque, Usuma Dam, and other famous places. In this article, we have collected the best hotels in Abuja and prices you may face.

5-Star Hotels in Abuja

We will start our list of hotels in Abuja with the most expensive and luxury ones in the city.

1.     Transcorp Hilton

This 5-star resort offers you a number of commodities such as 2 outdoor pools, free Wi-Fi, a gym, restaurant, bar, and others. If you want to have a big room with outdoor lodging, it is also possible to get.

Prices start from $300 per night and can reach up to thousands of dollars.

2.     Summerset Continental H.

This resort is the best among hotels in the central area of Abuja. It is located in the business and shopping district with all entertainment facilities around. The place offers a pool, gym, and free parking.

The lowest prices are $150 per night, which makes it also affordable for those who travel on a budget.

3.     Fraser Suites

Located in just a 30-minute drive from the airport, this place has the best reviews for cleanliness, which is especially important during a pandemic and the need to keep your room disinfected. It offers, in addition to the usual accommodation, laundry and access to the kitchen if you want to cook your own food.

Prices start at $300 per night, but it often offers discounts up to 30% off.

4.     NAF Conference Centre and Suites

It is located in the city center which makes it the best place for business people to stay. It offers the best conference halls and rooms for negotiations. Besides, you have access to two pools: one is for adults and the other one is for children. NAF also has a playground and bicycle rentals.

One night there may cost you from $140.

5.     H. Villa Picasso

This resort offers you the best rooms that are as big as a house. There are numerous best spa facilities where you can relax and restore harmony. In a 5-minute walk from the hotel, there is Millennium Park, one of the most visited places in Abuja.

Prices start from $200, but the average price for good rooms is around $250.

Best Cheap Hotels in Abuja

For those who travel on a budget, we also have a list of the best affordable hotels in Abuja. They may not be as luxurious as 5-star hotels, but they are also comfortable and offer good services. Here are the top 5 cheap hotels in Abuja with prices per night.

1.     The Nordic Villa

The hotel offers small but comfortable and modern rooms. Its atmosphere resembles an inn, with its small but pleasant indoor design. It offers accommodations for business. You can do your laundry, but for an additional fee.

The Nordic Villa is situated not far from Jabi Lake Mall, where tourists like to spend their time and money, and Wonderful Amusement Park, a must-visit for everyone.

The charge for one night starts at $110.

2.     Apo Apartments

This resort is located close to both the airport and the city center, so its position is very convenient. Here you can have access to the kitchen and prepare your food yourself, or you can eat at the restaurant. Breakfast is included in price.

You may expect to pay a minimum of $130 per night.

3.     Nordic Hospitality H.

If you stay here, you will have access to the best spa facilities. Besides, the hotel’s position is very convenient because it is close to Aso Rock and Millennium Park. Breakfasts are included in the price per night. It is a smoke-free location.

Prices start at $60, so it is one of the most affordable good hotels in Abuja.

4.     Savannah Suite H.

In this resort, you can expect to have access to a pool and a gym, as well as spa facilities. It is located close to all amusement sites in Abuja we have already mentioned above. In Savannah Suite, families are welcomed, and you will have facilities for children, such as a playground.

The minimum price is around $60 per night.

5.     Ritman Hotels

This resort is the cheapest one in our list of best hotels in Abuja – prices start at just $40 per night.

Ritman Hotel is situated far from the best amusement places, and it doesn’t offer many at-place accommodations. However, we can see it reflected on the price. You have access to free Wi-Fi, TV in a lobby, and the kitchen in the morning.

These were the 10 best hotels in Abuja for different budgets and different purposes of traveling. Follow our advice and have the best vacation!

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