5 Best Hospitals in Nigeria 2020

The health situation in Nigeria is traditionally being thought of as quite poor. For example, the Federal Government of Nigeria itself estimates that 2 billion dollars a year is lost annually due to a loss of confidence in the health care sector. There was also a report from the Lancet Global Health Commission that estimated that about 376.000 Nigerians died in 2019 from poor-quality health care.

5 Best Hospitals in Nigeria 2020

Africa is the only continent where the death rate from infectious diseases exceeds the death rate from non-communicable ones. Worldwide, this problem has been solved with the help of vaccination, quality water, food, and personal hygiene. Why does it happen? How much do you have to pay to get professional medical treatment? What is the best hospital in Nigeria? We will discuss all of these issues in further detail in this article.

Hospitals on the Continent: Overall Status of Health Care

In most African countries, problems in healthcare are associated with a low standard of living, insufficient staff policy, lack of resources and access to quality drinking water, hunger and lack of public awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation. Hence, we see Nigeria in the leading positions in the world in HIV / AIDS, malaria, mortality from diarrhea (cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery), childhood infectious diseases and injuries.

Access to health care is another global issue in this region. They say there are not enough doctors and hospitals. Moreover, international humanitarian missions are not able to cover all the needs of the population. Therefore, until now, the first salvation for the inhabitants of the West of Africa were local nurses.

Another thing is that the lack of the Internet, telephone, television and periodicals makes the awareness-raising activities really costly. Irregular and scarce financing of health care at the local level leads to the fact that drugs purchased by African governments cost disproportionately more than, for example, for European countries or America that make large-scale planned purchases. However, over the years, progress has been observed in many areas of medicine in Africa. Moreover, Nigeria has become one of the centers of modern medicine. How did it happen?

Different philanthropic foundations help to cope with endless health problems. For example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the development of a vaccine against pneumococcal infection, which was the leading cause of death of African children under the age of 5 years. Local government policies and local startups are also yielding results. For instance, in the western part of Africa, they managed to build a health insurance system and provide insurance to 90% of the country’s population.

Of course, it is obvious that without the donation of international organizations and philanthropists, the key issues of the region are insoluble. However, at the same time, Africa, by its example, shows how simple and cheap solutions such as mosquito nets and clean water can help to solve global problems and sometimes increase the quality of life by tenfold.

A list of the best hospitals in Nigeria will show you that medicine in this country has taken a step forward in establishing new standards for medical treatment. There are no winners or losers, just out state-of-the-art hospitals with the required equipment to save hundreds of lives a day.

The Best Hospitals in Nigeria 2020

Reddington Hospital, Lagos

Year of foundation: 2006
Address: 12 Idowu Martins St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Work time: round the clock
Phone: +234 1 271 5341
Website: will launch in a couple of days

This hospital in the center of Lagos city has a complete package of resources that are able to deliver to the patients all the services within one location. It includes an emergency room, cardiac catheterization laboratory, the operating theater, the intensive care unit as well as a full wind of diagnostic equipment: 64-slice CT scanner, 1.5 MRI, ultrasound, echocardiogram.

Among the doctors of the multidisciplinary Reddington hospital, there are 10 professors, Doctors of Medical Sciences and 53 Candidates of Medical Sciences. Moreover, they can boast 5 infectious departments, two neonatological, pediatric, endocrinological, neurological, nephrological, cardiology, and 6 surgical departments.

St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos

Year of foundation: 1968
Address: Lagos Free Trade Zone, Lekki Free Trade Zone Road, Lagos Ibeju-Lekki, Nigeria
Work time: round the clock
Phone: +234 802 290 8484
Website: saintnicholashospital.com/

Over the years, St. Nicolas hospital has been at the forefront of medical care and has expanded to become a first-class healthcare provider, offering a wide range of services. Its reputation as one of the leading healthcare providers is confirmed with the opening of the kidney transplant unit which became the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Comfort is one more thing you are provided with, when it comes to St. Nicholas Hospital. They offer single and double bedrooms, intensive care unit, recovery suit, two fully-equipped operating theatres, endoscopy facilities, etc.

Chivar Clinic and Urology Center, Abuja

Year of foundation: 2007
Address: No.68 Abidjan Street, Off, Herbert Macaulay Way, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, Nigeria
Work time: round the clock
Phone: +234 703 107 6227
Website: chivarclinicsandurologycentre.com/

Chivar Clinic and Urology Center have successfully conducted over 80 % of all of the operations. The highly skilled medical staff strength comprises full-time consultants. Healthcare professionals maintain a strong focus on quality, care and constantly ensure their commitment to patient safety. This hospital operates a fully-functional outpatient and inpatient facilities, comprising well-equipped emergency units, pathology laboratories with a three-star rating by the World Health Organization. Hospital’s shelves are well-stocked with drugs that chased from local and international pharmaceutical companies.

It offers a wide range of surgical services which include vascular surgery with professionals who came from the UK and the U.S.

Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja

Year of foundation: 2002
Address: 15/21 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria
Work time: round the clock
Phone: +234 817 420 9999
Website: www.nisa.com.ng/

What makes this hospital different from the majority of others in Nigeria? Advanced technologies, qualified doctors, and emergency care 24/7. The hospital has a regional vascular center and hematological center. Probably, a couple of decades ago, it would sound ridiculous, but Nisa Premier Hospital carries out robot-assisted operations.

The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH)

Year of foundation: 1980
Address: East-West Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Work time: round the clock
Phone: +234 806 861 2954
Website: upthng.com/

This is what the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital claims: “Over the years, we have studied all the pitfalls of the internal organization of clinics and tried all the latest equipment. Medicine does not stand still, recommendations of scientific institutes regularly appear, research is being conducted by prestigious associations, and new technical possibilities are opening up. Therefore, we regularly upgrade the services we provide and check how they comply with the high standard that our customers are used to.”

This hospital has everything to help you. Qualified doctors are not financially dependent on the commercial results of private clinics. When appointing the examination, they are guided only by the clinical feasibility and interests of the patient.

Actually, the western part of the African continent has a developed system of medical control and services, corresponding to the level of European countries. Even in the smallest and most remote settlements, there will always be a well-equipped hospital.

What about the pricing list for each of the hospitals? Well, it depends on the type of disease, the need for surgery, and a course of treatment. We just tell you that a test for malaria, yellow fever, and AIDS in these clinics is done for everyone for a cost of 500 Naira. Whether it is expensive or not is totally up to you.

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