Best Hospitals in Lagos 2020

Best Hospitals in Lagos 2020

Best Hospitals in Lagos 2020

Health problems are always undesirable and, moreover, unexpected. However, when they occur, they must be addressed immediately because the longer the disease is not treated, the harder it is to fight it later and the worse the consequences are in the future.

You should always have a place where you can go in cases of emergency. The clinic must provide a high level of medical services. In this article, we have gathered the 5 best insurance hospitals in Lagos, as well as important details to keep in mind when choosing a clinic.

Best Hospitals in Lagos

Firstly, let’s look at the top 5 insurance hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria. We have compiled this list by analyzing customer reviews and the achievements the insurance hospital has, because these are the most important factors for the clinic reputation.

1.     St. Nicholas H.

Location: 57, Campbell Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

St. Nicholas is one of the insurance hospitals in Nigeria. It provides tertiary medicine, but there is also a great emergency room. The building is very modern and is accessible to people with disabilities. It was the first insurance hospital in West Africa to perform dialysis and kidney transplantations.

It provides its patients with cutting edge medical equipment, for example, equipment for 4D ultrasonography, IVU, CT angiography, bilateral breast scan, C-arm machine, etc.

This insurance hospital is also great for patients not from Nigeria, because, apart from Nigerian Pidgin, the medical staff speaks English.

2.     EKO H.

Location: 31 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

EKO is abbreviated from Eneli Kulu Obriora. This insurance hospital has several facilities around Nigeria; the one that is located in Lagos offers 130 beds for inpatients. You can also ask for nursing services for inpatients.

Here, you can receive medical care with various pieces of equipment, like ICUs, IVFs, audiometric and physiotherapy units. Besides, there is a private blood bank and dialysis unit. You can also become a blood donor by addressing the blood bank division.

You can contact this institution both for a general consultation with a therapist and for an examination by a single-skilled specialist.

As well as St. Nicholas, EKO provides services in Nigerian Pidgin and English languages.

3.     Lagoon H.

Location: 17 B Bourdillon Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagoon is considered to be one of the best insurance hospitals in the country. It was also the first establishment in the Sub-Saharan region that was accredited by Joint Commission International. This means that this insurance hospital provides its clients with a high quality of special services.

In Lagoon, the first open-heart surgery was performed successfully. It was recognized as the NHEA Private Healthcare Provider of the Year 2018 and 2017.

The cardio unit here is equipped with the modern Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS. Mammography is also of the highest level in this insurance hospital.

Two languages, Nigerian Pidgin and English, are spoken here.

One interesting feature provided in Lagoon clinic is that it trains not only its doctors but nurses too. That means each nurse has the highest qualification and can replace a general practitioner in cases of emergency.

4.     Aruga Ogun Memorial Specialist H.

Location: 2/4 Bamimosu Street Ipakodo, Lagos, Nigeria.

In Aruga insurance hospital, you can get general practice and neurology treatment. It may not be the most universal insurance hospital, but the neurology in Aruga Ogun is the best across the country.

Here, even for managers and employees of the call center, special courses are held, where the rules of work in Aruga Ogun Memorial Specialist are taught.

However, only Nigerian is spoken here.

5.     First Consultants Medical Centre (FCMC)

Location: 16-24 Ikoyi Road, St. Gregory\’s College Road, Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria.

In this insurance hospital, you will receive a general examination, as well as a referral to a specialist. This clinic specializes in examinations and consultations, so it is better to choose other insurance hospitals for surgeries.

However, the initial consultations with doctors in First Consultants Medical Centre are of the highest level because doctors are qualified and required to take regular refresher courses.

FCMC is proud to have former presidents of Nigeria among its patients.

English and Nigerian Pidgin are the service languages here.

How to Choose Among the Best Hospitals in Lagos?

Even when you know the 5 best insurance hospitals, you still need to choose the one that suits you. Here are the main details to look out for.

What Is the Trouble?

If you need to do a general annual examination, you will pay attention to the qualifications of general practitioners, as well as to what the clinic offers for such general examinations.

Once you know which specialist you need, you need to compare the best doctors in different insurance hospitals and choose the best among them.

This means that the criteria according to which you choose an insurance hospital depend on your goal.

What Does the Insurance Cover?

The insurance companies often have arrangements with several medical centers. In case of health problems, you will be referred for treatment to these clinics. Find out when taking out health insurance.

All the clinics we have listed are insurance hospitals, so you can become their patient by insurance.

Which Hospital Is the Most Convenient?

It seems important to pay attention to the quality of medical services, but the convenience of the building and location also influences the choice.

Your clinic should be close to where you live, because, in the event of an unexpected situation, you need to get to the infirmary quickly.

In addition, if you do not like the infrastructure in the building, it is better to consider other institutions. If there are no elevators in the insurance hospital, this is not good, because, in case of injury, such as a broken leg, it will be very difficult to move around.

So, these are the top 5 best insurance hospitals in Lagos, as well as tips on how to choose the most convenient medical establishment for you. Stay healthy, but save our article for unforeseen situations.

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