Best Exam Portals in Nigeria

Best Exam Portals in Nigeria 2020

When it comes to passing any exam, students naturally feel stressed and worried. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to find questions and answers to important tests nowadays, when everything is available online. Here below you can find the info on the WAEC, NECO, and JAMB tests along with the websites with 2020 answers to them.

Prepare yourself excellently with the help of the best exam portal.

WAEC: Best Exam Portal

WAEC stands as the West African Examination Council, that is responsible for the WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination). It is a standardized test all secondary school students in Anglophone states of West Africa may pass. The West African Senior School Certificate is the award they get after the successful completion of this school-leaving test.

WASSCE questions are of 4 main disciplines – English, integrated science, math, social studies. Additionally, students elect three or four subjects they need to study for their future profession.

Find more information about WAEC 2020, the data on the test dates and specialties is available on the official portal of the organization – Students can also find their results there after the test.

To prepare for WAEC, try checking articles of the best info portal –

NECO Nigeria: Exam Portals to Visit

NECO is the National Examination Council conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (June/July) as well as the General Certificate in Education (November/December). NECO exists since April 1999, and is an alternative to WAEC for school graduates in Nigeria.

The exam itself consists of two papers:

  • I – Math and General Science (part A) and English and Social Studies (part B)
  • II – Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude (part A) and Verbal Aptitude (part B)

The past test questions are normally published after the test at the portal, for example. The official data about the NECO is available at portal.

There are various opinions on which exam to choose – WAEC or NECO. What we can say here is that everything is up to you.

JAMB: Best Exam Portal in Nigeria to Enter Higher Education

The JAMB acronym stands for the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, and it is a board for tertiary-level educational institutions of Nigeria. This board is responsible for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination), called to test best perspective undergraduates pretending to enter the higher educational establishments in Nigeria, mainly universities.

The board additionally administrates similar exams for applicants trying to enter private and public colleges, mono- and polytechnics in Nigeria.

Every candidate needs to possess one of two previous-level certificates, either the WAEC or NECO. So, from this point of view, there is no difference between them, both will help you make it.

The JAMB obtains Computer Based Test (CBT) Centers at different locations in 36 states around the country, including the FCT (Federal Capital Territory). The exam determines if you can admit to the higher educational establishment, so it is better to be prepared well.

The official exam portal of JAMB is

JAMB news and preparation tips are available at portal and portal. You can find past JAMB questions there to see what expects you beforehand.

To Conclude

The most crucial point to pass any exam is preparation. Here are the key learning tips every exam portal would find effective:

  • Know what scores you need, and which ones you would like to get
  • Go in for time management
  • Find out what to learn to show the best result
  • Start studying beforehand, don’t leave it all for the very last night.

Seriously, you won’t learn everything you need while having just one day to study materials. Thorough preparation is your key to success.

Have good luck, and study well to get the greatest education possible! Your future depends on you.

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