Best Draw Prediction Site 2020

Best Draw Prediction Site in Nigeria 2020
Best Draw Prediction Site in Nigeria 2020

The gambling business may seem like something not serious in Nigeria, but that is not true. If you rely just on your luck when placing a bet, most likely, you will lose money and faith that you can win in gambling at all.

All players in the bets meticulously check a huge amount of data before each bet: statistics, polls, players of each team, and so on, just do draw predictions. Another option is to consult the best prediction site for draw and read the prognosis for a game both in Nigeria and abroad.

Best Draw Prediction Sites in Nigeria

In this article, we will give you the list of best sites for drawing predictions in Nigeria with a short characteristic of each one. Besides, we will share with you some useful tips to make sure that your bet is going to win. So, read on!

Best Football Draw Prediction Site

Let’s look at the most popular sites for draw prediction for football games you can use in Nigeria. However, you can also find the best predictions for other sports on these draw prediction sites.

1. BetEnsured


BedEnsured provides you with the prognosis made by a team of professional statistics and football analytics.

You can find draw predictions for international games, for more than 30 leagues in the world.

2. LagosBet


This is a domestic draw match prediction site in Nigeria. It covers international football games and has a high rate of accuracy. The good thing here is that they analyze statistics for a longer period than other sites do which makes the prediction more exact.

3. AllNigerianFoorball


If you want to gamble on domestic football in Nigeria, this draw prediction site is for you. Of course, you can find international prognosis here, but the most accurate predictions for Nigerian football matches are here.

4. WinDrawWin


On this draw prediction portal, you can get a minimum and maximum score, both teams’ scores, number of corners, etc.

WinDrawWin is great because you can get not just the predictions, but the explications with data and analytics.

5. SoccerVista


This draw prediction website is great for international games because it has prognoses for the ones in Europe, North and South America, Africa, including Nigeria, and Asia.

According to the website, they build their predictions on statistics and methods they elaborated by themselves.

6. FreeSuperTips


You can see from the website address that is a European draw prediction portal, but it makes it even better to use in Nigeria because you can get a more precise prognosis for international competitions.

Apart from the statistics used by many sites, FreeSuperTips also analyzes previous matches between the teams.

7. SoloPredict


This draw prediction website is the most accurate one because it works with the best team and the best technologies of analysis.

SoloPredict may be considered a VIP one because it offers you to pay for some prognosis. It doesn’t cover a wide range of games, but for those they analyze, the predictions are reliable.

8. PredictZ


Here on the draw prediction portal PredictZ you can find prognosis for almost every game in every country, so you can bet from Nigeria on a game happening in Europe or Asia. It offers a statistics overview, so you can make your own predictions.

This portal also operates with pools which are another useful tool to guess the outcome of any game.

9. WinningGoals


In Nigeria, this is the best pool draw prediction site. It offers not only prognosis but also sports news. There are then pools where everyone can participate, including experts. The data from the pool will then be analyzed and included in the prognosis. Using this scheme, the draw prediction process becomes more accurate.

10. BaronBettingTips

This draw prediction portal doesn’t have a website because it is a mobile application available for Android and iOS. They use statistics and internal expertise for drawing predictions.

It is very convenient to use when you don’t have access to the computer. The design is very easy to understand and to work with.

What to Consider When Gambling?

Now it is time to share with some tips that will help you make a winning bet. Here is what you should consider when gambling.


We have mentioned that every draw prediction site pays a lot of attention to statistics, which is no wonder since statistics is the key to successful prognosis.

Look for the match history of the teams in question. How many times do they win? How often do they lose? Have they ever played together? What was the outcome? Find answers to these questions, and the prediction may be done.


It is crucial to look at the team members and their experience. If there is a famous footballer in a team, and he or she is great on the field, it is evident that the team is going to win.

Pay attention to the location of players when making draw predictions. Since every footballer has a specific area of the field he or she is responsible for, the teams may have a mixed location. If the defense of one team is weak in one area, their competitor may have great shots in this area. It also influences the outcome of the match.

Betting Odds

Don’t forget to look at various draw prediction sites and compare them. If almost everyone is betting for one team, it may be a sign that this team will win. However, if the betting odds are 50/50, you need to look deeper and analyze other details that may not be important, but still can influence the outcome.


Firstly, consider the home ground advantage because teams that are guests lose more often.

Secondly, read sports forums. Sometimes fans know some information that hasn’t been made public, and it will help you draw predictions.

Thirdly, follow social media accounts of the teams where you can see how the team is preparing. It is also the key because the more team practices, the higher chances there are to win.

When you draw predictions, follow the tips in this article, as well as our list of the best sites. Don’t try to guess when betting because luck can’t guarantee you success, but data analysis can.

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