Best Dating Sites in Nigeria 2020

It not a surprise that due to the fast development of technologies, life has changed, and opportunities as well did. So, people started to find out methods of meeting online. Not only friendship can be started online, but even intimate relationships. That is for actually dating sites appeared. You do not need to waste your time on meeting wrong people, money on restaurants to dine with them, etc. All you need to have is a device with access to the Internet. Start to communicate with a person and if you feel he/she may be your second half, you can initiate a meeting. By the way, it is also possible to find your true love from another country and change your life radically. Anyway, what is the fact is that dating websites contribute a lot to inter-cultural communication and knowledge sharing.

Best Dating Site in Nigeria 2020

How a Dating Site Works

It is very easy to become a member of a dating site. You just enter the website address and sing up (mostly, for free). Nowadays there are a lot of websites of the kind all over the world, so you will even have the choice of the best one in Nigeria.

The forms will help to create your profile by adding personal details such as age, gender, location, sexual orientation, and appearance. However, there are no limits. You can add information about hobbies, food preferences, how you like to spend your free time. It is better to add pictures (or a link to your YouTube channel, for example) to your profile, so the others will see who they are going to communicate with. After all, your profile is ready and members can view the profiles of other members of this dating site.

The other website users review your profile information and make a decision on whether they should send you a message. A lot of dating sites offer not only digital messaging but also extra features in-built such as webcasts, telephone conversations (VOIP), online chats, etc. Visitors can limit their conversations to the online space only, or they can discuss a physical date to see each other in the real life. But, don’t forget that it is hard to control and monitor all members of such dating sites. So, before the meeting, please be sure you are going to meet the right person and will not get into a scam or (what is worse, criminal) activity.

Language Barrier on a Dating Site: Get Rid of the Fear

Just imagine if some foreigner likes your profile and wants to communicate with you, but you have a language barrier. Don’t panic! Even though dating sites don’t have in-built translators and interpreters, you can lean on your own knowledge of the foreign language and use vocabularies and online translators. In most cases, you will not have any difficulties because the most common language of websites of the kind is English, especially if we consider the international communication.

How to Choose the Best Dating Site in Nigeria? Top 5 Choices

To tell the truth, not everybody supports the idea of finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend on a dating site. They think live communication is better than communication through the screen of a smartphone. Nevertheless, people rarely leave their homes today, if this is not about going to offices. So, there are people, who believe in a fairytale and are interested to build a happy couple with the help of dating sites. People from Nigeria are no exception. So, here are the top 5 best dating sites in Nigeria.


Since 2002, has connected thousands of single people looking for their soulmates around the world, and that definitely made it one of the best and most reliable dating sites in Africa. It is a part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable dating sites. AfroIntroductions is trusted by over 2.5 million singles. They are committed to finding the right person to make up a perfect couple, no matter where in the world they are.

Friendite appeared only in 2012, but it has already become the best dating site in Nigeria. It is also a platform where people can find out the latest news, send photos and videos, post blogs and even play games with other participants. It will not cost you anything to sign up. The site already has over 84,000 members with 9,000 people visiting it every day.


The second free dating site best for loners is It was created in 2008 and has a very elementary and user-friendly interface. Every day it attracts about 3,000 attendances with 44,000 recorded members so far. Those people know why they come here, so you should try it as well.

Sexy Naija

Sexy Naija is another great opportunity for online dating in Nigeria. It was founded in 2005 and currently has a lot of diehard fans. This website is gratis, but you can pay for a premium membership to get some extra opportunities if you want. Even though the name of the website is quite naughty and may scare off some visitors who search for serious long-term relationships, it is only up to you how you build and direct your conversation.

Tinder: Best in the World – Among the Best in Nigeria

No doubt, everyone knows Tinder. A user of Tinder is everywhere, even in Lagos and Abuja. Other cities in Nigeria are no exception. is a website, but for the best experience, it offers a mobile application (for Android and Apple), which is free to download. It is fast, easy, and effective, which is confirmed by its recognition all over the world and its being among the best sites in Nigeria as well.

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