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Most girls are just dreaming of perfect, shining, and healthy skin of face and body. Not less remarkable is the fact that they are constantly on the lookout for the perfect care for their face. They are looking for some life hacks and tricks, consulting with beauty experts, female friends, moms, and reading various beauty articles. Obviously, every girl takes her specific skin type into account while choosing a good treatment for it.

Skin Types and Their Characteristic Features

It is not a secret for anyone that all beauty experts distinguish 4 types of skin: normal, oily, dry, and mixed type, and the same refers to girls in Nigeria.

Furthermore, each of the types has a number of characteristics. All these features should be taken into account when choosing facial skincare products in Nigeria. After all, if you use the creams (for example, a toning cream) and lotions that do not suit your skin type, you can get the opposite effect: your care products will not only bring any good results, but they can also worsen the situation. For example, if people with dry skin use peels with rough exfoliating particles, they can easily injure it. Moreover, people with oily type using sebo-regulating products must strike a balance; otherwise, it is possible to dry the upper stratum of the skin, while the general problem will stay unresolved.

In any case, whether you choose the products in Nigeria by yourself or with the help of a beauty expert, the care program will include three stages: cleansing, toning, and nutrition. However, the list of care products and recommended procedures will be different for everyone.

The Detailed Description of Dark Skin

In this article, we would like to focus our attention on the best care routine for owners of dark complexion in Nigeria.

Dark complexion is an inborn entity, a subject of admiration for many white-skinned people. However, this prize requires a good everyday care. This care routine differs from skincare of another type, and it depends not only on the peculiarities of color.

The best care for dark skin requires attention to its external and internal features, which can’t be neglected, saving money and energy to support beauty and health.

The Advantages of Dark-Skinned Girls

Many girls consider dark-skinned girls in Nigeria happy because there is no redness on their faces, as well as there is no irregular complexion or pale tone. They think that girls such as some dark-skinned models from Nigeria with perfect skin from advertisings of some moisturizers do not have problems with acne and black dots because such problems are just not noticeable. Nevertheless, all these facts are only partly justified, as dark complexion does not bring its owner fewer problems; they only differ a little bit.

The undoubted advantage of dark skin is its being less prone to the formation of early wrinkles, its smoothness and fullness of the skin texture. People in Nigeria with such complexion really don’t have problems with the early aging, wrinkles, and laxity. The dark skin ages later, this is an indisputable fact, so the arsenal of creams for daily use may not include anti-aging ones and masks.

The Problems of Dark Skin and Hints on How to Manage Them Best

The dark skin by its nature is often prone to oily and enlarged pores – problems that entail acne, comedones, irritation. Due to the fact that dark skin is much thicker than white, soft peeling can be done daily to get rid of dead particles and clogged pores. It allows the dark skin to breathe, opening its pores, so that it gains the healthy radiance necessary for the aesthetic beauty of this complexion.

There is the myth that there is no need for the girls to use sunscreen products in Nigeria. Despite the fact that dark complexion is obviously pigmented, girls with dark complexion in Nigeria need the same protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation as white ones. Of course, using creams with UV filters, a woman prevents not only tanning and sunburn; she also prevents the drying out, premature aging, and reduces the risks of cancer. Therefore, if you have a dark complexion, products with SPF should definitely be in your cosmetic arsenal.

One of the main problems of dark complexion is the clogging of pores with the formation of comedones and inflamed pimples. These comedones are not necessarily presented as pustules, but usually, they are inflamed and form an irregular complexion and soreness. Such troubles should be prevented by the cleansing of pores using gels, tonics, and scrubs.

Moisturizing is a necessary step in the care for every girl and it is also important for dark complexion to support radiance at any time of the year. The moisturizers (creams and lotion masks) saturate the dark skin with moisture and even out its tone, eliminating areas of dullness and peeling the best. The key to beautiful and radiant skin is regular exfoliation (due to oiliness and large pores), which should be carried out by soft products without alcohol. The girls with dark complexion in Nigeria should moisture their faces by products of a light gel-like texture. In summer, you can use gels or cream gels, in winter it is the best to select textures with nutritious formulas, but make sure not to oversaturate your skin with oils.

Top 3 Creams for Dark Skin

To choose good creams for dark skin in Nigeria is a difficult task since there is a large variety of products on the beauty market. We would like to highlight some of the best and thus the most popular creams for dark-skinned girls.

Foundation Cream “ALCINA”

The first one is a foundation product. Foundation creams of chocolate and caramel shades would be the best choice for such complexion. The foundation cream “Alcina” evens out skin tone, mattifies and hides imperfections. This cream removes signs of fatigue the best and protects against the negative effects of external factors.


The creams with SPF definitely should be in bags of dark-skinned girls in Nigeria. “Clarena Sun Protect Cream SPF 50” is recommended for year-round care. The product provides optimal protection against UVA and UVB radiation that is definitely necessary in Nigeria, and prevents the appearance of pigmentation or photoallergic reactions.

The Moisturizing Cream “CAUDALIE”

As we have already mentioned the importance of moisturizing, the appropriate cream also needs to be chosen. All people with the dark complexion in Nigeria should definitely try a moisturizing mineral cream with a tonal effect from “Caudalie.” This French product will be the best to even out the face color and reliably hide its small imperfections. The cream will solve the problems of drying out and roughness of the skin, and protect it from age-related changes, making the beauty unfading.

Is There a Universal Solution?

Lots of girls with dark complexion are trying to find out the best product for their face and body, but let’s think about it. What is the best cream for dark skin? Does it exist or is it just a fiction?

We think that there is no universal best cream for the dark complexion that will suit everyone, but taking into account the aspects we have mentioned above is a key to healthy look of every girl. All these features are necessary not only for the face care but for the body as well.

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