Best Cakes in Lagos 2020

Cakes are usually associated with a birthday when we blow out the candles and make a wish. However, sweets are a daily part of our diet, and should not be excluded from food because of their calories. So, why not replace candy with a piece of a delicious sweet dish?

In this article, we have compiled for you a list of the best bakeries in Lagos. It will be useful for both residents and tourists who want to have a delicious meal.

Bakeries for Best Cakes in Lagos

1. Livvy’s Twist

This bakery was founded in 2016 by Olivia and John Okeke. Olivia is now a chef at the place and you can order gateaus from her personally. Livvy’s Twist in Nigeria offers pies and other sweet products, as well as tasting if you want to try out different tastes. However, during the pandemic, you cannot enjoy the tasting service.

You can order cakes for different occasions: birthdays, weddings, etc., using the designs from the catalog, or you can also suggest your own design.

Find photos and make an order on their website

2. Creamhills Cakes and Confection

This is a small bakery but it is surely the best one in creating sweets for children. Its gallery has hundreds of ideas for a birthday pie for a child. The prices here are affordable. Creamhills don’t bake in advance to make every gateau fresh and tasty, so your order will be ready on time, but not in advance.

Visit their website for more information:

3. Tito Cakes and Events

At Tito C. and E., you will get the best personalized gateau in Nigeria for any occasion! The bakery is proud to say that they discuss with their customers not only the design but also the taste, so you can even suggest your own recipe modifications. Besides, the restoration offers catering services with Nigerian traditional dishes.

Find out more about Tito on the website:

4. Diva Bakery

This bakery lays stress on the quality of the products they use for cooking. You can order your cake for a specific date, or you can visit the shop in Lagos, Nigeria, and buy one. Delivery is also available. On the website, you can find a blog of Diva, where they post interesting stories about some of the orders.

Here is the website:

5. Nuts about Cakes

As you can see from the name, this bakery is the place where you can have fun. The gateaus are pretty and tasty and designs can be elaborated for various orders. At Nuts you can get birthday, kiddies’, women’s, men’s, and corporate sweets, as well as traditional Nigerian designs.

This bakery offers training for becoming a professional confectioner, so if you want to become one, enroll on a course!

Visit their website to find out more:

6. KoCakes

Traditional wedding pies in Nigeria are made in KoC. It offers biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, candies, and plenty of other sweets. The chefs here are professionals because they start to cook only after extensive training.

Look at the photos of their designs on the website:

7. Mimiz Confectionery

Mimiz has the widest range of products you can order in Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from the usual cakes and biscuits, they offer doughnut, brownie bites, and patisseries. You can even order a special package for your sweets.

Find the whole menu on their website:

8. Cakes’n’Candy

In this bakery, nothing is impossible. They can create gateaus that are exquisitely decorated. You can order a pie in a shape of, for example, a book, and the dish will be so realistic that you may get mistaken! C’n’C position themselves as a family of sweet-lovers with its cultural values of Nigeria and a friendly atmosphere.

Visit their website:

9. Flossy Cakes

The trump card of this bakery is extremely realistic decorations. For example, the Avengers minifigures on the dressing will look like toys, not like edible candy.

Check the website to see for yourself:

10. Salt Lagos

At Salt Lagos, you can find the best traditional cakes in Nigeria. They offer uniquely designed food for various occasions. It is important to know that in Salt Lagos, you cannot get an order delivered urgently because they require at least 48 hours for the preparation of your order.

Visit their website:

Other Options for Best Cakes in Lagos

Of course, there are more than 10 best bakeries in Lagos, Nigeria. Here are some more names of places to order the sweets:

  1. Minibees Bakery, website:
  2. David Edwards Cakes, website:
  3. LoveStruck, website:
  4. Reis and Possente, Instagram: reisandpossentecakes
  5. Cakes and Cream, website:
  6. Sweet Pea Caterers, website:
  7. SweetCity, website:
  8. Es-Tee Cakes, Instagram: esteecakes
  9. Cakeflair, website:
  10. SayCheese, website:

We hope that on our list, you will find the bakery that will make the best cake for you in Nigeria!

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