3+3 Best Blenders in Nigeria 2020

Best Blenders in Nigeria 2020

A health-conscious person views a blender as an easy way to make a green smoothie. A party planner might see it as a perfect way to make glorious margaritas. A foodie considers it to be a kitchen appliance that helps him/her to make tasty hummus, nut butter, pizza dough, or ice cream. Thankfully, the best blenders are versatile enough to do all of the above.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of different options at varying price points, all of which promise to blend the perfect crème soup. While it certainly is a challenge to find a kitchen appliance that is worthy of your money, it is not impossible. Especially, when you have a reliable source to point you at the direction of the brands you can trust. Let this article be that source. To help you out, we had a professional chef blend pounds of products, vegetables, nuts, ice, and more to determine which blenders in Nigeria are the best. For practical testing, we narrowed down the vast market to three finalists by consulting user reviews online.

General Features to Consider Before Purchasing Blender in Nigeria

First of all, you will notice that a lot of brands in Nigeria highlight their blender’s ability to reach between 2 and 3 horsepowers or 3000+ RPM. These claims can be misleading as they often do not translate to practical power. A blender’s max power or high RPM count is often only maintained for a couple of seconds during the pulse function. Instead of relying on horsepower or RPM, we recommend checking out its wattage. The higher the wattage, the smoother your smoothie. Higher wattage also will extend your blender’s motor life.

Good options are usually between 1100 and 1800 watts. Also, keep in mind the shape of its jar. A tapered jar is better for a wider range of tasks because it creates a tighter, more efficient vortex for drawing up food that settles at the bottom of the blender.

Finally, you want to consider where its blades are located inside the jar. We have found out that blenders with the least amount of space between the jar and the blades are the best because they prevent food from getting stuck on the bottom or the sides.

Now, let get back to business and choose the best blender in Nigeria.

The List of the Best Blenders in Nigeria

Vitamix A3500: On of the Most Expensive Options in Nigeria

The Vitamix’s preset smoothie function takes a quick 50 seconds and delivers it with the best consistency. None of the other blenders could grind raspberry seeds as well as this one. The same set works well for green smoothies too. You are able to throw in entire stalks of kale and whole apples and still get a drink that had a consistency of a super-refined juice.

The Vitamix’s “hot soup” feature is a plus because it allows you to make a creamy hot soup in less than 6 minutes. The Vitamix 35-second auto-clean program cleans the machine all the way up to its lid.

The only negative point about this machine is that there is no click to indicate when the two plastic tabs which fasten the lid have been secured. It left you feeling a bit unsure if you had fastened the lid adequately.

At almost N100,000, in Nigeria, this blender is truly an investment. However, if blending is a part of your daily routine, we believe that it is worth the money because of its durable construction, and the outstanding of its final products. It is truly the best on the market of blenders in Nigeria.

Kenwood Blend-X Pro

What makes it so great? Well, this device goes beyond just blending. It also chops, grinds, and crushes thanks to the unique multi-zone blade technology that has been created by Kenwood engineers. Basically, they have made different levels of blades that allow more space for the ingredients to be moved around it. The top section is serrated which is brilliant for the chopping action, and the bottom blades sweep anything up from the base, so you get the perfect texture every time. With all of those functions, the whole process will be far quicker. Moreover, it works in harmony with a 1200-watt motor.

Kenwood has done a lot of research into the most popular recipes in Nigeria and the most commonly used functions on a blender. So, they have created six preset programs on the product, and that is “drinks,” “soups,” “ice crushing,” “fine chop,” “cross chop,” and “rinse” button. There is also a variable speed control so you can blend smoothie, for example, on minimum or maximum. This all precisely meets the expectations of buyers in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, this blender has a 1.6-liter capacity borosilicate glass goblet (thermo shock-resistant one). So, you can crush ice or really cold drinks in here and then go straight to blending hot soup without causing any damage to the material.

Ninja DUO

Ninja DUO comes with a 1400 peak watt motor base, 72-ounce total crushing pitcher, micro juice filter, and 20-ounce single-serve blending cup. To start making frozen drinks, nutrient extractions, and smoothies, fill your pitcher with desired ingredients and install the lid. This device is 55% quieter than a traditional blender. Quiet blend technology keeps noise levels low so you can make a 6 a.m. smoothie without disturbing your family. It is a powerhouse when it comes to capacity.

Ninja DUO has a cooling fan and thermal protection system, and is ideal for blending medium to large batches.

Now, all of that variants are quite expensive for the average inhabitant of Nigeria. So, we created a chart to show you more cheaper options. In this case, “cheap” does not mean “low-quality.” According to Google Analytics, all of these blenders are the most popular ones among the people of Nigeria.

Nigerian Reviewers’ Choice: The Most Suitable Options for Citizens of Nigeria

  Jumia (Nigeria) Kara.com (Nigeria) Konga (Nigeria)
Model Binatone FP-850 Saisho S-1831E   Binatone Blg-600s  
Type Food processor Blender Grinder
Power 800W 800W 500W
Blending Jar 1.75 L 1.5 L 1.5 L
Key features Speed control, dough blade, 3 cutting discs Rolling cable storage, built-in circuit breaker, 2 speed levels Dry mill grinders, Polycarbonate jars
Price N 22,990 N 7,500 N 14,200

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