12 Best Universities in Nigeria 2020

College years are supposed to be your best ones. It is the time for self-discovery, starting and building lifetime, friendships and one other thing – learning. It is the shrines for the mind. So, why not try to attend the best of the best universities in Nigeria? Do you want to know what those are? We have gathered a list of best universities in Nigeria in 2020 for you.

Best Universities in Nigeria 2020

Best Federal Universities in Nigeria

Determining the best educational institution in Nigeria is a tricky thing. The latest Nigeria Educational Rankings can help you wade through all the federal options available. But we evaluated the well-known educational institutions of Nigeria using a two-step process.

First of all, we review colleges that are chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Nigerian higher education-related organization. Secondly, we identify colleges that are the best in preparing students for future jobs by looking at the percentage of degree holders who are using their diploma in the relevant field of work.

There is no first or last place, all of that educational establishments are worth being in that list equally.

The University of Port Harcourt

Year of foundation: 1975
Address: PMB 5323 Choba, East-West Rd, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Number of Students: 45,000 – 55,000
Main Faculties: humanities, agriculture, engineering, pharmacy, social sciences
The Cost of Education: N97,750 – N127,150

If you are looking for quality education with some blend of academic excellence, social charisma, and cultural involvement, take a close look at this institute. Majorly known for its unique academic environment and strict standards of learning, this institution is among the most rated academic establishments in Africa.

In 1977, Port Harcourt received its independent status with a total of six schools: humanities, social sciences, biological, chemical, and physical sciences, educational studies, and science laboratory technology. Now, the most popular faculties are agriculture, education, engineering, and management sciences.

The University of Ibadan

Year of foundation: 1948
Address: Oduduwa Road, Ibadan, Nigeria
Number of Students: 35,000
Main Faculties: agriculture, arts, basic medical sciences, social sciences
The Cost of Education: N1,000.00 – N3,000.00

Founded in 1948, it was the first institute established in Nigeria. Four years later, it was granted full independent status. Everything started with just three departments in science, medicine, and the arts. But now, it has 13 faculties and a postgraduate school, which is the largest in Africa. It is the oldest and one of the most prestigious federal Nigerian academic establishments, which is located 5 miles from the center of the major city of Ibadan. It is quite famous for academic excellence amongst its students.

Among its alumni, there are a lot of notable individuals who have contributed significantly to the political, cultural, and economic development of Nigeria, including the Nobel Prize Winner, writer Wole Soyinka, and Chinua Achebe whose novelThings Fall Apart”is the most widely read book in contemporary African literature.

University of Lagos

Year of foundation: 1962
Address: Akoka Rd, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Number of Students: 57,000
Main Faculties: engineering, arts, basic medical sciences, law, social sciences
The Cost of Education: N53,000– N63,000

Popularly known as UNILAG, this educational institution is a federal governmental research university in Lagos, southwestern Nigeria. It is highly popular in Nigeria, perhaps as a result of the location. The academy has been amongst the top-ranked in the country for years. Students consider UNILAG as a place of possibilities. It offers a lot of electives and a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on science, math, technology, and engineering.

Obafemi Awolowo University

Year of foundation: 1961
Address: 220005, Ife, Nigeria
Number of Students: 35,000
Main Faculties: Agricultural Economics, Linguistics and African Languages, Biochemistry
The Cost of Education: N100,000

It is one of the best federal universities in Nigeria located in the ancient city of Ife. Compared to the other higher institutions, OAU has one of the largest number of students in Nigeria, thousands of prospective students apply seeking admission each year. That educational institution can boast 50+ effective courses including a strong basis in the natural sciences, math, art, and humanities. Moreover, they offer a lot of electives.

Students say that the best things about this academic establishment are the teaching methods, professors themselves, and the understanding that it is cool to be smart in here. We suppose the only way to test it is to be OAU’s student.

University of Ilorin

Year of foundation: 1975
Address: Fate Tanke Rd, behind Lgea Primary School, Ilorin, Nigeria
Number of Students: 53,000
Main Faculties: agriculture, arts, basic medical sciences, social sciences
The Cost of Education: N18,300 – N50,000

This academy was founded by a decree of the federal military government in 1975. So, it is the federal governmental tertiary institution located in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Learning how to write Java, a widely used computer programming language, is considered here a basic course for first-year students. Some of them can handle the challenge of taking three math classes a day. Students take a rigorous series of math and science courses that most institutions do not even offer and dozens of college-level labs in their junior year.

Federal University of Technology

Year of foundation: 1980
Address: FUTO, Imo State Owerri West, 460114, Nigeria
Number of Students: 23,000
Main Faculties: Engineering, Earth and Mineral Science, health technology
The Cost of Education: N51,000 – N60,000

When it comes to physical sciences, environmental sciences, and technology, this institute is always on top. It takes third place based on the average graduation rates in the country (70%).

The University of Benin

Year of foundation: 1970
Address: Benin City, Nigeria
Number of Students: 40,000
Main Faculties: Medical Science
The Cost of Education: N80,000 – N91,000

You walk inside the building and see all kinds of trophies and banners hanging up, showing off just how good the academics are at here. Students are tested to get in and about 80% of them are involved in some sports. Moreover, in 2012, that educational establishment was named the best science college in the country.

Ahmadu Bello University

Year of foundation: 1962
Address: Benin City, Nigeria
Number of Students: 55,000
Main Faculties: agriculture, arts, basic medical sciences, social sciences
The Cost of Education
: N71,000 – N110,000

The curriculum here includes both core courses and electives. For example, if you have a passion for science and technology, you can take up to seven science courses, five math courses and three full years of computer science. If you are the creative type of person, pick studio art and get published in a literary journal.

Here, students must take at least 11 advanced placement courses to graduate. Many of them conduct field research with partner institutions exposing them to college-level work before they on their diploma.

University of Jos

Year of foundation: 1991
Address: Ikpa Rd, Uyo, Nigeria
Number of Students: 27,000
Main Faculties: science
The Cost of Education
: N50,000 – N82,000

That academic establishment is ranked among the top academic programs in the country. If this institution were a country, it would outrank all other nations in terms of student performance in math and science. Their main key is to get students out of their shells. If in ordinary college you may learn what a mitochondrion is, here you learn how the mitochondrion influences other things and all the chemistry behind it.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Year of foundation: 1955
Address: Nsukka – Onitsha Rd, Nsukka,
Number of Students: 36,000
Main Faculties: engineering, arts, basic medical sciences, law
The Cost of Education
: N43,000 – N77,000

The website of this educational institution says that all students study science, math, English and become fluent in a second language. Here you have a choice to choose electives between art, psychology, and business management, etc. One more thing to know – they have a space research center.

Best Private Universities in Nigeria

They say attending private college sets students up for lifelong success, opens doors to prominent colleges and places students in a powerful alumni network. It is not a full list of the advantages of being a student of a private institution. So, if you have already decided to be one of them, be ready to pay N700,000-1,500,000 per year and check out the list of the best private universities in Nigeria.

1. Covenant University – it is the first private institute on the list and in Nigeria, which is owned by Living Faith Church also known as Winner’s chapel. Is it the best private university in Nigeria? Well, it is good enough to be on that list.

2.  Ajayi Crowther University

3. Bowen University

4. Veritas University

5. Al Hikmah University

6. Redeemers University

7. American University of Nigeria

8. Babcock University

9. Landmark University

10. Afe Babalola University

At the end of this article, we want you to remember one thing – you do not have to attend one of these prestigious institutions to achieve in this great big and a little bit crazy world. It is you who make the institution famous and not vice versa.

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